ProForm TDF CLC Studio Bike Review


Summary: The ProForm TDF (Tour de France) CLC is a solid, sturdy, and reliable exercise bike. This is part of a range of smart studio style models from ProForm in their popular ‘Tour de France’ range. It is a cheaper model. While it misses the built-in HD monitor of the more expensive TDF bikes, simply adding your own iPad / tablet will get the same setup / results.

This bike features iFit technology, which gives you boh interactive classes and scenic rides. You get iFit free for 1-year with your CLC bike – making this a real bargain. And with sixteen resistance levels, people at all fitness levels will be burning those calories fast. The TDF CDC bike features Silent Magnetic Resistance – and comes with a long warranty along with big brand service from ProForm.

See impressive picture gallery of the TDF CLC, and latest pricing now over on this page on the ProForm UK official website.

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Detailed Review of the ProForm TDF CLC Studio Exercise Bike

The ProForm TDF CLC has smart, angled design with coloured trim which makes it stand out from other home exercise bikes. It is branded with the ‘Tour de France’ logo on the yellow wheel of the bike. Along with the matching yellow trim – this is unmistakably a studio bike design.

This bike comes in at a length of 143cm, width of 56cm and height of 139cm. At a weight of 55kg, this model can be transported easily. Moving it is made simple by the addition of the front-mounted transport wheels. This bike is adjustable, stable, and solid.

Users up to a weight of 115kg (effectively 18 stone) will use this bike comfortably.

iFit Compatibility, User Display and Bluetooth Technology

You get a free year of the massively popular iFit training app with your TDF CDC bike.

iFit is a subscription-based fitness program that interacts directly with your exercise bike. For example, when you are going uphill during a trainer-led iFit workout, the resistance levels on the bike will increase.

With iFit, you will virtually cycle on scenic worldwide routes all powered by Google Maps. Enjoy a huge library of training sessions, join group classes, and track your stats – all via your tablet or iPad using Bluetooth.


TDF CDC Bikes from ProForm: Tech-Enabled

There is an integrated tablet holder at the top of the centre of the handlebars. Through your tablet or your phone, you access the iFit portal. Or you can choose an alternative app, or even watch a movie or a TV show as you cycle.

You can use the ProForm TDF CLC bike without the tech, using the LED display. This monitors your speed, distance, and track your progress.

ProForm Tour de France CLC: Comfort and Practical Features

The TDF CLC features the patented ‘Silent Magnetic Resistance’ system. This ensures a quiet and smooth ride. Meaning other family members can get on with their work or watch TV without any interruption from your bike. In all there are sixteen levels of resistance. These can be changed manually at any time and will be changed automatically if you are using the iFit technology.

You will enjoy the fully adjustable non-slip handlebars, ensuring you are comfortable as you cycle. The ergonomic padded saddle also ticks the box for comfort, this is adjustable.

Pedals on this bike include both toe cages and straps to ensure secure footing throughout your ride, especially the longer routes.

Add Dumbbells!

On purchase of this bike, you will receive a pair of 1.4kg dumbbells. Pump your upper body as you train and follow some of the iFit workouts that include both cycling and upper body fitness. This is a popular way to get extra benefits from the time you spend peddling.

Dumbbells rack with DTF CLC

Feedback: What Buyers of the ProForm TDF CLC Studio Bike Said

The reviews for this ProForm TDF training bike are overwhelmingly positive. The word ‘sturdy’ appears again and again in reviews. This is no surprise when it comes to any piece of ProForm home gym equipment. ‘Solid, reliable and efficient’ is another effective soundbite from a review that describes everything about this bike in four short words.

Assembly is straightforward, with one user saying this took around 60 minutes. They warned that you should ‘be careful with the wires.’ Reviewers were complimentary about the iFit compatibility. It was said that this was like ‘being back in the gym again.’

Wrapping Up – Is the ProForm TDF CLC Right for You?

This Tour De France branded exercise bike is a fantastic mid-priced model with tech that appears in higher priced bikes. If your budget can’t justify the TDF 10.0 or Studio 22, then this unit is perfect. Simply pop your current tablet or iPad in the holder, hook up to iFit – and you are good to go at a fraction of the price.

With sixteen resistance levels, it’s ideal for a range of fitness levels / goals. iFit compatibility and that year’s free subscription is a big plus for this ProForm bike. You’ll feel like you’re more immersed in your workouts. Especially when transported to other parts of the world on your screen. Use the dumbbells as you cycle for that upper body workout too.

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