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ProForm 500 SPX Exercise Bike Review - Fitness Review

ProForm 500 SPX Exercise Bike Review

Proform 500 SPX Exercise Bike

Summary: The 500 SPX from ProForm is a studio style exercise bike with some hard-to-find features at its price point. Top of my list is the free trial iFit membership. There is a tablet holder that lets you get the most from the interactive training sessions and scenic rides. Add 18k of effective inertia, pedal toe cages and wheels to roll it away – and you have a studio bike that puts those rattly ‘no brand’ alternatives in the shade.

Check out the close ups of this sharp and stylish bike for yourself now – over on this dedicated product page at proform.co.uk

Detailed Review of the 500 SPX Studio Bike from Proform

Studio bikes are the type you will find used for group classes in commercial gyms. The open flywheel at the front and sharp angles gives these bikes a distinctive profile. They are designed for both sit down peddling and for sprinting. Check out the handlebars – you can lean forward while you stand. This not only varies your workouts, but it also makes them a lot more intense. Perfect for a short, sharp calorie burning / HIIT workout.

Once assembled, the 500 SPX is 124cms long, 53cms wide and 127cms tall. This is a sturdy bike, which allows for users of up to 115kgs. That is a little over eighteen stone in old money.

Console View SPX 500 ProForm

Adjustable Setup and Important Small Details

It is common for exercise bikes to have an adjustable seat. ProForm go one step further with the SPX500 studio bike. The seat adjusts in both height and forward / back. The handlebars also adjust. This makes the setup work for tall and petit riders.

Wheels on the front let you move the bike around – perfect for storing it away between rides. There is a holder for your water bottle, and a tablet / iPad holder. Sprinting requires pedals that stop your feet from slipping. ProForm include toe cages and straps on the SPX500, making it safer for those intensive sprints.

Choose the Built in Console or iFit via Your Own Tablet / iPad

You get a free 1-year membership of iFit with this ProForm bike. Unlike the high-end options, there is no built-in HD monitor or Bluetooth. That means you will need to use your own tablet or iPad to access iFit.

I can assure you it is worth checking out. The main benefits are trainer-led live classes. You also get a giant video library, scenic rides from around the world, social connections / groups, and advanced stats tracking that shows improvements in your fitness.

If you don’t want to continue after your free trial is up, simply go back to the built-in monitor. This has all the regular tracking you need for a workout. You could even use your tablet for entertainment instead.

Feedback from Users of the ProForm SPX 500 Studio Cycle

Overall positive reviews at multiple retailers for this bike. If you take out the grumbles about the uncomfortable saddle, it would be a positive landslide!

Studio bikes have ‘racing saddles’ as a default. If you prefer extra comfort, I’d recommend a recumbent bike or buying a soft gel saddle cover.

Back to the reviews. The quality was a big factor – and something ProForm are well known for. iFit was also a big hit. There were one or two people that were not aware that you need to pay after a year, so do keep that in mind.

With a big brand like ProForm, you get service that the ‘no brand’ cheap tat bikes simply don’t offer. That said, it does pay to check out the latest feedback before you buy any home exercise bike.

SPX 500 Has Wheels too!

Wrapping Up: Is the ProForm 500 SPX Bike Right for You?

If you like your home exercise bike sessions varied and intensive and are looking for a reliable brand – the ProForm SPX500 ticks all the right boxes. The value comes from not having an integrated screen. This doubles the price of some bikes. Why spend that cash when you can simply use your own tablet to access the amazing iFit training.

Check out the latest price, iFit options and impressive picture gallery of the SPX 500 for yourself now, over on this product page at ProForm.co.uk


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