ProForm 325 CSX+ Recumbent Bike Review

ProForm CSX+ 325 Recumbent Bike

Summary: You will be training on a slick and stylish exercise bike when you order the 325 CSX+ Recumbent Bike from ProForm. This quality home exercise bike from ProForm comes with a free trial subscription to popular training app iFit.

With twenty-four pre-programmed workouts, there’s something for everyone. Set the resistance digitally on the high contrast multi-colour display and you will be on your way through tracks and trails on this solid and smooth piece of equipment.

As you’d expect from ProForm, the feedback from users is hugely positive.

Read about iFit and check out the impressive picture gallery here on the ProForm Fitness 325 CSX+ page

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Detailed Review of the ProForm 325 CSX+ Recumbent Exercise Bike

The 325 CSX+ is one of the lighter exercise bikes from ProForm. It has a total boxed weight of 58kg. This makes the unit easily transportable, which is aided by the transport wheels attached to the bottom. The overall dimensions of the exercise bike are 134c in length, a width of 64 cm and a height of 124cm.

The recommended upper weight level for using this bike is 130kg, which is the equivalent of just over twenty stone. As with all ProForm fitness equipment, you get a solid warranty.

iFit with the 325 CSX+

Free iFit Training for a Year

Exercise bikes are almost made for iFit. This is the premium live and video training app, used by the biggest fitness brands including Proform and NordicTrack. iFit allows you to make your way through exotic routes (via Google maps) in far flung places.

The beauty of iFit is that the resistance levels will automatically adjust as you go up and down hills and slopes, making the ride as lifelike as possible. On purchasing the bike, you are awarded a year’s free subscription to iFit. As well as live sessions, there is a giant library of recorded sessions. You can pick the ones that work for your current fitness level.

To access iFit you need to download the App on your tablet, which is available on all modern Android and iPad devices. The bike comes with a tablet holder, which is located above the digital display. As well as using the tablet for iFit you can also use the tablet for entertainment purposes as you cycle.

Remember, at the end of a year, the iFit will revert to the paid subscription.

ProForm CSX 325+ Recumbent Colour Display and Built-in Speakers

The 5-inch digital display allows you to monitor intensity, speed, time, distance, calories, and your current pulse level. This display is both high contrast and multi-coloured – a step up from the dull grey background and black text you see on many other exercise bike displays.

This ProForm exercise bike comes with twenty-four pre-programmed workouts already built into the console. A pair of 2×2” speakers also allow you to easily listen to music as you train.

ProForm 325 CSX+ Patented Technology

The 325 CSX+ is designed with SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance). This allows you to change the resistance, without disturbing other people around you. The smooth motion of the bike is ensured by the 7kg effective inertia flywheel.

As you exercise your pulse is measured by the dual EKG Heart Rate Pulse Grips (you get to choose which of the measures you’d like to monitor at any time, or you can cycle through all of them).

Ergonomic pedals ensure comfort for your feet, including easily adjustable straps.

Transport Wheels CSX+ ProForm

Feedback for the ProForm 325 CSX+ Technology

The general level of feedback for this ProForm product is highly positive, with the majority of reviews giving this exercise bike the full five stars (with no reviews lower than four stars).

The words ‘Sturdy’ and ‘Silent’ are repeated across multiple reviews, which tells you everything you need to know about the Silent Magnetic Resistance system. The ease of construction has been praised, as has the level of customer service provided. Value for money has also been mentioned, as has the suitability of the bike for ‘big people.’

As a general rule, there is positive feedback for the ProForm range of fitness equipment. The durability and solid feel of the equipment (for both exercise bikes and wider exercise equipment) is regularly singled out.

Similar positive feedback has been left for the iFit program. Users are impressed with the sheer range of workouts and how the software interacts with the equipment.

Wrapping Up: Is the ProForm 325 CSX+ Recumbent Exercise Bike Right for You?

For a mid-range recumbent (sit back) exercise bike, the ProForm 325 CSX+ is a solid choice. With digital resistance settings and the SMR system, this is as smooth and silent as you can get when exercising.

The year’s free subscription to iFit is a big boost, this program interacting with your bike to make every trail or route as real as possible. The bike comes with twenty-four pre-programmed workouts which you’ll control on the multi-coloured digital display. After your exercise, transport the bike easily with those transport wheels included.

For a mid-priced recumbent from a respected brand, the 325 CXS+ is a solid pick.

Check out the gallery, technology, and latest pricing now, over on the ProForm 325 CSX+ page.


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