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ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 - Fitness Review

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22

ProForm Studio Pro 22 Exercise Bike Review

Summary: The Studio Pro 22 deserves its spot at the top of the range of ProForm exercise bikes. That 22-inch HD swivel screen immediately impresses. This is just the start of a high-tech and stylish unit. Twenty-four resistance levels ensure that the workouts cater for all fitness levels. You get free iFit, which gives you training sessions online with top-level trainers. Plus a giant library of sessions. The Studio Pro 22 is a quality exercise bike that will last you for years and comes from a respected brand.

Check out the impressive gallery for the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 for yourself, over on this dedicated Pro 22 Product page at www.proform.co.uk

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Detailed Review of the ProForm Studio Bike 22 Pro

There is little doubt that this top of the range bike from ProForm is a solid piece of equipment. Made from high-quality steel construction, this bike is built to last for the long term. I loved the angles. This bike has the feel of a bike you’d get in group gym classes – as well as that quality.

The seat setup is unusual, with the supporting bar further back than for many bikes. This gives the Studio 22 the feeling of a road bike. It works perfectly for sprints and for sit down sessions.

Dimensions for this exercise bike are 145cm long, a width of 56cm and a height of 137cm. The product has a boxed weight of 64kg and has a weight capacity of 115kg, meaning anyone up to eighteen stone can use this bike. There is a 2-year parts, labour and frame guarantee on the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22.

Touchscreen Display and Tech

This ProForm bike features an impressive 22-inch HD touchscreen display. It looks huge mounted above the handlebars. This screen can pivot 180 degrees, meaning you can turn it in either direction, as well as tilt it up and down. Pivoting has hidden benefits for the (free) iFit powered workouts that take place both on and off the bike.

The bike has built-in 2-inch speakers, as well as an auxiliary port to plug in your own headphones/speakers or audio equipment.

iFit the Studio Pro 22

ProForm Studio 22: iFit

On purchasing this bike, you are awarded with a trial iFit Family Membership.

That covers membership for up to four people, enabling you to stream both live and on-demand fitness. The size of the screen makes this bike perfect to get lost in the action as you traverse trails and roads from across the globe offered by iFit.

You can also enjoy those workouts led by a personal trainer. Better still is the fact that iFit works with your exercise bike, automatically adjusting the resistance of the bike as you move uphill and downhill. The perfect way to immerse yourself in the biking experience, whilst getting fit at the same time.

iFit membership offers much more than cycling, with all kinds of different workouts available. This is where the pivot screen comes into its own, especially if doing a floor workout. The bike comes with dual 1.5kg dumbbells, aiding in your upper body workouts, as well as that leg work.

Resistance Levels and Comfort

The Studio Bike 22 Pro from ProForm comes with twenty-four resistance levels. This is bought to you with the patented SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, ensuring no one around you will be affected by any noise levels. The bike has non-slip vertically adjustable handlebars. The ergonomic, padded seat can also be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. You also have the option of installing your own personal seat.

Top End from ProForm

Technology and Transportation of the Studio Bike Pro 22

With an inertia-enhanced flywheel, it ensures a faster gear ratio and effective weight placement. Together, this placement ensures a more natural striding experience.

This ProForm indoor bike has adjustable levelling feet. They ensure that the bike will be level on even the most uneven of surfaces. You can also move the bike quickly and easily with the front-mounted transport wheels.

Feedback for the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22

With this bike being relatively new, there is not yet the amount of feedback that you can find from other ProForm products. However, the overall feedback is positive with most of the reviewers awarding it the full five stars. ‘Impressed’, ‘Really pleased with the quality and features’ and ‘the big touchscreen is ideal for workout classes’ all appeared in reviews.

One reviewer mentioned they found the seat and uncomfortable and that in construction some of the parts seemed flimsy. Although still awarded the bike a high durability rating.

The iFit subscription has positive reviews across the board, with users impressed about the range of workouts that can be enjoyed. The Pro-Form range as a whole has impressive reviews, with many comments relating to the solid and sturdy feel of the bikes.

Wrapping Up: Is the Pro-Form Studio Bike Pro 22 Right for you?

If you’re looking for a top of the range exercise bike, this ProForm studio cycle is an ideal fit. Only the Tour de France ProForm bike comes in at a similar price range. The huge 22-inch screen, the inertia enhanced flywheel and flexible adjustment options for different users give it that ‘extra’ over other bikes. Of course, the iFit subscription is a huge plus.

With pay monthly and direct buy options, this stylish exercise bike is accessible for all.

Check out the gallery, technology, and latest pricing now, over on ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Gallery Page

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