Confidence Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Confidence Fitness Recumbent Bike Review

Summary: The Confidence Fitness recumbent exercise bike fits perfectly with their (huge) range of budget home fitness equipment. This company has been around for years. They focus on the cheaper end of the market – though do back this up with great service and highly-rated machines. Confidence fitness have many treadmills, exercise bikes and even vibration plate trainers to choose from.

This recumbent bike ticks all the right boxes. It is aimed at users that want a solid home fitness solution – but don’t want to splash out the big amounts for a NordicTrack or JLL bike.

With excellent feedback, solid service, and a decent spec – the Confidence Fitness recumbent bike ticks all the right boxes. Check out the close-up pictures and spec for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with Adjustable Resistance for Home Use
EXERCISE WITHOUT JOINT IMPACT – This recumbent bike allows you to have an effective workout with no impact to your joints. Look after your knees, ankles and spine….. more

Detailed Review of the Confidence Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

I immediately liked the style of this exercise bike. The slick black contrasts with the electric blue details on the front. This bike has a sit back design. If you have ever used one, you will already know that this setup does not take anything from the effort or calories expended – it simply keeps you more comfortable while you work out.

The length is adjustable from 121cm to 137cm. This bike is 55cms wide and 90cms tall to the top of the console. That is mid-sized for this type of bike, the bars are sturdy enough to keep it from wobbling. If you have a wooden or tiled floor, I recommend a thin rubber mat for the best stability (and to protect your floor).

This bike weighs a reasonable 20kgs, with the max user weight recommended at 110kgs (over 17 stone). Keep in mind that all the equipment makers have an interest in being cautious with their maximum weight recommendations. This bike has wheels under the front to move it into place.

8 Level Magnetic Resistance

At this price point, you will need to adjust the resistance by turning a dial. As you go to the £500+ bikes, you will start to find this controlled via the console.

There are 8 levels of resistance, from easy to an ‘uphill climb’ level. There is a dial under the console, which you twist to change the levels. Magnetic resistance keeps things smooth and predictable, with no belts to wear out over time.

Padding is a welcome addition to any recumbent bike seat. This seat is adjustable. Add the length changes, and you will see that Confidence Fitness made sure that this exercise bike is suitable for users of all shapes and sizes.

Console LCD from the Confidence Fitness Recumbent

Confidence Fitness Recumbent Bikes: Console and Pulse Rate Monitor

All the key numbers will scroll through on the LCD console. This is not high-tech by today’s standards, though will get the job done in tracking your workouts. You get time, speed, distance, calories, and an odometer moving past one by one.

There is a pulse rate monitor in the lower handlebars – the ones by the seat. You will be able to keep track of your improving fitness level using this, with the results displayed on the monitor.

Feedback: What Did Owners Say About the Confidence Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bikes?

Solid feedback so far for this bike. This ties in with other Confidence Fitness products. They get good feedback via many outlets – without the glowing / all 5-stars of some high-end kit. The service got specific mentions, as well as the comfort of this model.

The only small negatives I could find was someone who had a 6’3” husband that struggled to fit in, and someone else that wanted a little more resistance. Everyone else seemed happy with the size and toughness of the peddling. Assembly, which usually gets a lot of gripes, was not mentioned as an issue for this bike.

As always, do make sure you check the latest feedback at Amazon and elsewhere, whatever home exercise bike you buy. This will give you a far better insight than any glossy marketing brochure!

Wrapping Up: Is the Confidence Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Right for You?

This bike works for anyone looking for a comfortable way to get fit at home and does not want to splash out the big bucks on high-end equipment.

Confidence Fitness have a great reputation in the budget bikes space. Their kit is solid, has all the key functions and will last for years. You won’t get apps, Bluetooth, or fancy engine technology… instead you get a bike which gets the job done, backed by a brand with a track record of good service.

I’d take that combination over some ‘no name’ knock-off from a brand you never heard of any day!

Check out the latest feedback and see the full picture gallery now over on this dedicated product page!


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