DKN-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

DKN RB-4i Recumbent Bike Review

Summary: The DKN-4i Recumbent bike is a high-end unit from a producer with a great reputation. There are some touches which you simply won’t find on cheaper home bikes. You can adjust the seat position and seat back in multiple ways. You can enjoy a full 32 levels of resistance via the 24lbs flywheel. Best of all are the digital components. This bike has a colour display, remembers the data for 4 users and connects with popular apps including KinoMap. This is a big recumbent bike – which would be perfectly at home in a commercial gym.

Feedback from owners is positive for the 4i – with a lot of comments on the solid construction and features list.

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Respected Brand:

DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike - Black
This popular indoor bike has a solid 11kg (24lbs) flywheel that makes cycling motion fluid and there are 32 levels of digital resistance (more…)

Detailed Review of the DKN-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike

This is a big, heavy machine. It weighs 50kgs and is 150cms long by 66cms wide and 112cms tall. The build quality is excellent. No thin tubes. The single unit steel bars curve under the seat – with sturdy triangle bars providing plenty of stability. This size / type of bike is not the kind you would want to move around – find a spot, set it up and enjoy it for years. It does have wheels for when you must move it.

Max user weight is flagged at 150kgs – more than 23 stone. There is a warranty covering buyers for a full 2 years for both parts and labour.

A lot of the weight comes from a 24lbs flywheel. This is important to keep the resistance smooth – and to provide a challenging ride to even the fittest users.

Comfortable Seat Adjusts in Multiple Ways

Console of the DKN 4i Exercise BikeRecumbent home exercise bikes have seats with back rests. What is different about the DKN-4i is that this backrest adjusts, as well as the overall seat. This allows you to get the positioning exactly right. The padding curves around you a little – this reminds me of sporty car seats – only with more padding.

You can adjust the position of the entire seat quickly and easily. This uses a sliding bar with a lever. If there is more than one person using this bike, that will come in useful. There are other small touches including adjustable front bars / console and a changeable strap on the pedals. You even get a bottle holder (though I’m not convinced that this needed to be red).

Electronic Console and Apps for the DKN-4i Recumbent Bike

A professional looking colour display has the usual selection of numbers. They include pulse rate (linked to hand sensors) and calories burned – along with the speed and distance you would expect from any home bike.

There are 12 pre-set programs. You can see the ‘shape’ of each workout on the console. There are options for endurance, fat-burning and cardio (and others). You can use this bike manually too, with simple start / stop and faster / slower options.

For the more technically minded, you can connect this bike with 3rd party tablet / smartphone apps. It is compatible with the popular KinoMap – allowing for map-based training, coaching and multi-player options.

 Feedback: What Did Current Owners Say About the DKN-4i Recumbent Exercise Bikes?

If only DKN customer service had picked up the phone faster for one buyer, the feedback would be all glowing for this exercise bike.

Hugely positive feedback here. Assembly got mentioned, along with the recommendation to ‘phone a friend’ for this. 2 hours seemed a common duration.

The main positives were the quality of the construction, which came in for a lot of praise. As noted above, the responsiveness of customer service was the only drawback. If they could get this solved, DKN would be up there with the best of the fitness equipment producers.

Check out the latest feedback for yourself before you buy this (or any other recumbent bike).

Wrapping Up: Is the DKN-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike Right for You?

There really is no comparison between the DKN-4i and the cheaper (sub-£350) type bikes. This one is big, solid and has exactly the features you would find in a commercial gym. DKN have thought hard about the details. Everything from the adjustability of the padded seat to the compatibility with 3rd party apps has been considered.

This bike will last for years. If you are looking to invest in a flexible unit which is more than capable of keeping up as your fitness improves – then this unit makes a great pick.

Check out the gallery and close-ups for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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