We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Racing Machine Review

We r Sports Aerobic Training

Summary: This is one of the best looking exercise bikes I have seen, and lives up to its name as a racing cycle (well in the training context at least). There is a giant discount on this machine at the time of writing, and some excellent feedback over at amazon.co.uk too.

Detailed Review of the We R Sports Racing Machine Training Cycle

The We R Sports aerobic training cycle is a fantastic bit of kit for the fitness enthusiast trying to replicate race conditions while training at home.

The bike looks absolutely fantastic compared to all of the other generic machines on the market. It comes in all black or a red and black machine. Both look excellent and I would have a hard time choosing which one.

The main criticism from users is that at high resistance this thing is loud, which is why it is only really for the more serious user. If you’re a looking for bike to hope on and train at a leisurely pace while watching TV the Aerobic training cycle is not for you. However, if you’re looking to get a serious workout, improve your stamina, endurance and overall fitness you would be a fool not not consider this bike.

The non slip adjustable handlebars, heavily padded adjustable saddle and aluminium pedals with toe cages replicate a race bike whilst offering great comfort for prolonged use. The emergency stop feature means you can push yourself and the huge 13 kg flywheel to the limits!

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