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Velox 2 Road Training Bike - Fitness Review

JLL Velox 2 Indoor Road Bike Review

Velox 2 Road Training Bike Review

Summary: The JLL Velox 2 Road Training Bike is designed in a stylish black and red and has a solid alloy steel build. Designed to get you up to speed for road racing and general road cycling, this adjustable training bike mimics the ride of an outdoor bike. This JLL exercise bike has 3 front gears and 8 at the back, along with 32 different levels of resistance. This gives you flexibility. You get that road racing experience in your own home, garage or even office. With an 8 function LCD monitor, the training info is there in front of you, with great app connectivity, being heart rate band compatible.

Mains powered, the road training bike features a strong 3-piece crank, with a 9kg one way flywheel. JLL are a British brand. They have a great reputation for service – as well as for their quality fitness equipment.

Check out close-ups of all of the key components over on this dedicated Velox 2 product page at amazon.co.uk now!

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Mimicking the ride of an outdoor bike, the Velox 2 has 3 front and 8 back gears, which turns the intensity up on the 32 levels of resistance…. more

Detailed Review of the JLL Velox 2 Road Training Bike

JLL produce a range of high-quality home exercise bikes, and this is the very first road training bike in their range. Being designed to get you up to speed for the road, this bike is the longest in their premium range at 137cm, with a height of 127cm and a width of 51cm. This bike will support riders of up to 130kg (effectively anyone who wants to take to the road at under 20 stone).

This new model features adjustable seat heights, handlebar heights and foot-straps, making it ideal for all members of the family to enjoy. Built-in wheels make the road training bike easily transportable and it’s SPD compatible for the rider ready to move on to advanced road rides. Ergonomic adjustable road bike handlebars allow the user to simulate all road riding stances. The racing saddle features ample cushioning, as well as flexible forward and back positioning.

9kg Fly Wheel and 3 Piece Crank

The JLL Velox 2 Road Training Bike features a belt-driven 9kg fly wheel ensuring both a quiet operation when riding and minimal maintenance (this bike will require less maintenance than a chain driven one). The wheel is designed to replicate the forward momentum you experience when on a regular road bike.

JLL Velox 2 Bike Features

8 Function LCD Monitor

The LCD display, that’s the size of a large mobile phone, features 8 functions:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Ave speed
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • RPM
  • Pulse
  • Watt

You can also connect this bike to an app. You can track and record to your mobile devices with the use of a heart rate band. The heart rate sensors are placed on either side of the secondary handlebars. A handy tablet holder above the LCD display can enable you to monitor extra info on your workout, or keep you entertained as you watch Netflix or stream a movie.

Electro-Magnetic Resistance

This bike features 3 front and 8 rear gears which are controlled using electro-magnetic resistance. This allows the rider to accurately increase your effort with more resistance increments than many similar models.

Feedback: What buyers of the JLL Velox 2 Road Training Bike Said?

Being a new model from JLL, there is little in the way of feedback. However, you can quickly see that feedback on other JLL models in a similar price range are excellent. The range of mid-range bikes from the company are a step up from the no-brand models, and less expensive than companies such as NordicTrack.

General feedback from the range states that the bikes are sturdy and solid, and the set-up time is lower than you might expect with some other bikes. Some find the racing seat from the range a little uncomfortable, although this is an easy fix with a gel cover. There is lots of praise for JLL customer services in the feedback, highlighting the prompt resolution of any issues from this respected UK brand.

Wrapping Up: Is the JLL Velox 2 Road Training Bike Right for You?

JLL Velox 2 The first thing to be said is that isn’t a simple exercise bike. If you’re a beginner and you want to simply burn calories, this isn’t the bike for you. There are simple upright bikes in the JLL exercise bikes range which will work better.

However, if you’re serious about biking and getting out on the road, you should sit up and take notice. It might seem strange to use the word ‘road’ in the name of an indoor bike, but this equipment sets you up perfectly for those road rides. If you eventually want to step up to road racing, even better. With those multiple resistance settings, the 8-function monitor, the belt driven flywheel and those SPD compatible pedals, this is a serious piece of equipment.

Keep an eye on the feedback as it comes in and see the close-ups of the key components in the impressive picture gallery – over on the dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk – check it out now!

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