Viavito Satori Exercise Bike Review

Viavito Satori Exercise Bike Review

Summary: The popular Viavito Satori upright bike certainly has great looks. When you see the spec, which includes a backlit display, pre-set programmes, and electronic magnetic resistance, you will see that the beauty is more than just ‘skin deep’. Viavito already make a hugely popular range of elliptical trainers, and this bike is gaining similar (and positive) feedback. The flywheel is just shy of 20lbs provides smooth resistance over a full 32 levels.

You can check out the full spec and close-up pictures over on this dedicated product page.

VIAVITO Satori Exercise Bike
Scalable Programmes: 12 Pre-Set, 1 Manual, 4 HRC, 1 User-Defined, 1 Watt; Body Fat & Recovery Modes (more…)

Detailed Review of the ViaVito Satori Home Exercise Bike

It is immediately clear that this bike has an upright design. It keeps the same form, though manages to have a style which separates it from the crowd. The curved bar at the front, plus sleek black profile makes all the difference.

This is a mid-sized bike. It is 1 meter long, by 54cms wide and 130cms tall to the tip of the console. Viavito recommend a maximum user weight of 22 stone.  You can move the saddle up and down and forward / back – making this bike flexible for different height riders.

With a 9kg flywheel, plus electronic magnetic resistance, the resistance is both smooth and flexible. There are 32 levels for this in total – enough to keep up the pace as your fitness level improves. The bars underneath are noticeably wider than those of other upright bikes. There are wheels to move it into place too.

Console View ViaVito BikeScalable Programmes

One thing that the Viavito Satori does that other home exercise bikes are missing is the toggle between miles per hour and kilometres per hour. With almost all exercise bikes exclusively in KM / hour – this is a great little touch.

The console is LCD and is backlit. There are simple buttons underneath, and a dial to the right which you use to control the resistance. Alongside this dial you will see profiles of the 12 pre-set programmes. These include interval training, cardio, and endurance.

You can set up your own programme (just the one). There is even a body fat readout, alongside the standard pulse meter.

Feedback: What Owners of the ViaVito Satori Home Exercise Bike Said?

Not only the modern looks got positive feedback – the build quality came in for a lot of praise too. Almost all the feedback has been positive. Several people noted that you get a lot of bike in a small unit. The distinctive looks got mentioned several times.

One comment that caught my eye involved a pedal that fell off. This was replaced right away, turning what could have been a classic 1-star rant into something a lot more positive. This ties in with the ellipticals from ViaVito – positives on both the build quality and the service.

Overall, the consensus is that this bike is worth the extra money above the budget range models.

Whether you choose this upright exercise bike or any other, it always pays to check the comments form people that already own one. While the marketing gives you the best possible picture, the feedback reveals the nitty-gritty truth.

Wrapping Up: Is the ViaVito Satori Upright Exercise Bike Right for You?

Upright home bikes are a crowded market, which means that a unit needs to stand out to get the popular vote. With ViaVito you get a build quality which the budget models miss. This extends to the design – this unit has a distinctive curved front which is difficult to miss.

You get resistance controlled via a console on this bike. No need to manually turn a dial each time you want to change how hard it is to peddle. This allows for pre-set programmes, which mimic different terrain and routines.

Feedback has been excellent. Multiple people felt that this unit was well worth the extra money – and the after-sales service also came in for some praise.

Check out the full gallery and read the latest feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

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