Power Guidance Agility Ladder

Power Guidance Agility Ladder

Summary: This agility ladder comes from Power Guidance, known for their battle ropes and other quality training equipment. You get a full six-meter ladder, plus a lot of extras. What makes the difference for me is buying from a brand that has a strong reputation and great service. Compare this to those knock offs with ‘brand names’ as just a bunch of random capital letters!

You get cones, pegs, and a chart of the different routines that this agility ladder supports – all in a carry bag.

Great feedback for this ladder, check out this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page for the close-ups of the whole kit!

POWER GUIDANCE Agility Ladder (20 Feet) for Speed Agility Training & Quick Footwork Exercise - with 12 Plastic Rungs, 4 Pegs, Carry Bag & 10 Sports Cones (Yellow)
DESIGNED TO LAST FOR YEARS – 6 Metres long agility ladder with 12 adjustable heavy duty plastic rungs, ground stakes, D-rings, carry bag & 10 sports cones… more

Detailed Review of the Power Guidance Six Meter Agility Ladder

Let’s start with the main agility ladder – I have covered the extras and accessories below. This is a 6-meter ladder with 12 bright yellow rungs. Those rungs are heavy duty plastic, and slide over the nylon sides. There are D-Rings to hold it in place (with pegs and so on).

This ladder is easy to fold up, with the plastic rungs stacking. You can set it up fast and gather it and stash it away fast too.

Accessories and Extras

Power Guidance give you a package with some noteworthy extras. Top of my list are the 10 plastic cones. They can be used directly with the ladder, or separately – for example if you use your agility ladder as part of a circuit or more varied straining routine.

There are ‘ground stakes’ too. You might know these by their less fancy marketing department name of, erm, tent pegs. Jokes aside, they are useful, you can hold your ladder in place using the d-rings at each end.

You get a carry bag, which has a draw string and mesh design at the top. This will keep everything in one place. Finally, while most people buying an agility ladder will already have a plan for how to use them, there is a chart showing you the different workouts you can use it for.

What is not to like about free cones?!

Power Guidance Agility Ladder: Feedback from Owners

Something surprising hit me going through the feedback on different sites. This was that people that bought these ladders use them a ton. I’m sure that people start with good intentions for many types of equipment – this one hits the spot.

Overall, massively positive feedback, the quality build came in for multiple mentions. Having a carry bag and those extra yellow cones also made some buyers happy. Hard to find any truly negative comments to compare them with for this ladder. This does not surprise me, with the service and quality control of Power Guidance clear from feedback for their other products.

Wrapping Up: Is this the Best Agility Ladder?

Fans of Power Guidance will already know that this brand combine quality with solid, no-fuss customer service. Personally, I’d go to them for many different products, even if there were similar no-name brands at lower prices.

This agility ladder comes with accessories including cones, pegs, a bag, and a chart showing how to use it. It is made of robust plastic, with thoughtful additions like D-rings to hold it in place.

At the price point, you’ll get a solid agility ladder which should last you for years.

Check out the close ups and read the latest buyer feedback for yourself over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!


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