Gravity Fitness Portable Pull Up Rack

Gravity Fitness Portable Pull Up Rack Review

Summary: The Portable Pull Up Rack from Gravity Fitness is part of an extensive range of functional training and body weight equipment. This gets around the need to fix a pull-up bar in your door frames, and offers a lot of other exercises including dips, leg raises and incline press-ups. What is note-worthy about this product is that it can be disassembled and carried in a bag.

Feedback from buyers were impressed with the sturdiness overall. Some complaints about wobbles though the majority felt that this pull up rack was as solid as possible when you consider that it is a portable version.

You can see the full spec, including examples of people using it for the different exercise types, over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight & Pull up Rack, Perfect for home fitness, Calisthenics, Crossfit & bodyweight training
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Detailed Review of the Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight and Pull Up Rack

With steel construction, the poles used for this pull up rack can be taken apart and stored in the carry bag. When you fit them together you get a tower that is 117cm tall, 40.5cm wide and 26cm deep. It weights a little over 19 kilograms. Gravity fitness protect themselves by giving a reasonably light ‘max user weight’. This is listed at 110kgs – which is a little over 17 stone.

What is impressive about this rack is that there are no screws or bolts to use. That speeds up the assembly, it also means less parts to lose, or to wear out. The rack is built from steel, with and is powder coated to look great.

As you will see from the gallery, the square base is key to the stability of this pull up rack. If you have a wooden floor, or delicate carpet, it is worthwhile getting a rubber gym mat to put underneath this setup. This will stop it from moving – as well as protecting your floor.

You get a three-year warranty with this unit – more than long enough to convince yourself of its potential.

What Workouts are Possible?

Gravity fitness list a lot of different users for this portable pull up rack. It can work for CrossFit, people doing gymnastics training, calisthenics, street workouts or resistance training. They add in ‘anyone that wants to improve their physique’ just in case none of those categories apply to you.

This rack is perfect for a wide range of body weight exercises. The obvious go-to workouts using it are forms of dips and pull ups. Front and back levers and leg raise routines are also possible. You can adjust your rack to make it work with incline press ups too.

Bag for Gravity Fitness Pull Up Racks

Feedback: What Users of the Gravity Fitness Portable Pull Up Rack Said?

Plenty enough units have been sold at various outlets to get a good overview from many different users. The ‘big debate’ is over wobbles. Most people found it solid, especially for the price point. Others thought is wobbled. A lot of the debate focused on flooring, and what you should expect from a portable rack that is well and truly in the budget category overall for home fitness equipment.

Almost everyone found this pull up rack easy to put up and take back down. At 19.5kgs, you won’t want to carry it far, though being able to do pull-ups on the go is a significant benefit.

A lot of individual comments were positive about the results. Of course, buying one alone does not get you trim – you’ll need to use it!

I do recommend checking the latest feedback for yourself for this product. This will not only give you a better insight into it than you would get from any marketing brochure, but the fights over wobbles are also entertaining…

Wrapping Up: Is the Gravity Fitness Portable Body Weight / Pull-Up Rack Right for You?

Every year sees more people get into body weight fitness. This includes a lot of different disciplines, all understanding that your own body makes for the perfect weight set – with the right training and equipment.

What is different about this rack from the respected Gravity Fitness is that it can be taken down, put in a bag, and then assembled somewhere else. Most similar products are either huge, heavy racks or need to attach to something static like a door or wall.

While one or two people had wobbles, the majority of users were happy with the stability and the quality – especially for the price.

Check out the pictures of this rack in use and read the ‘bun fight’ in the comments for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page!

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