JLL Weighted Vest Review

JLL Weighted Vest Review

Summary: These weighted vests from JLL hit the sweet spot between price and quality. You might know the brand better for their quality mid-budget exercise bikes and treadmills. They bring that same (UK-based) level of service and quality to their weighted vest range. You can choose from a wide range of weights. These are comfy, padded vests, wipe clean and durable.

What you’ll like best about them is that they are great value compared to some of the (shall we say) more fashionable brands out there.

The feedback from owners is hugely positive. You can see the options, feedback and zoomable picture gallery over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

JLL® Weight Vest - 20kg, Adjustable Weighted Vest Weight Loss Running Gym Training - (20 Kilograms)
Does not absorb sweat. Machine washable. Remove weights from vest prior to washing…… more

Detailed Review of the JLL Weighted Vest Range

Wearing a weighted vest for different forms of exercise is becoming a popular option. People are realizing that it is a hack to jump start your fitness. The extra effort required for body weight, cardio and running / walking will make a massive difference.

The words ‘massive difference’ might feel like an exaggeration. They are not. When you train in a weighted vest, that extra effort is the percentage difference that makes the outsized difference to your fitness.

If you don’t believe me, train in one for a couple of weeks, then take it off and see how easy your old fitness routine has become.

Choice of Five Sizes

JLL have five different options for these vests. Your size and goals will dictate which one you pick.

They are:

  • 10kgs
  • 15kgs
  • 20kgs
  • 25kgs
  • 30kgs

If you are erring between two weights, choose the heavier one. These vests come with pockets which you can remove weights from – so you get to start off lighter, then add weight as you get used to working out in it.

These weight vests are made with padded material that will not absorb your sweat. If you see any weighted vests that are not waterproof, move on fast. It would only take a couple of sessions before your vest was unusable. The padding keeps it comfortable, and the wide Velcro strap makes sure it does not move around. That is important for running, cardio or body weight workouts, a vest that rubs would not be useable for long.

JLL Weighted Vests are Machine Washable

Velcro Straps Weighted VestWhat sold me on these vests compared to the no-name competitors is that you can pop them in the washing machine. Note that you will need to remove the weights first.

Add to this the excellent customer service of JLL (they are UK based, and are well known for looking after their buyers), and you will understand why the feedback from owners have been so positive.

Feedback: What Owners of the JLL Weighted Vests Said?

Mixed though largely positive feedback for these vests. At 1/3rd of the price of some more fashionable brands, some of the grumbles seemed a little over-stated for me (though the level of grammar suggests these might not have been the brightest among us!).

Overall, the feedback suggests people felt they had a bargain. This came with a warning that the heavier vests had an outsized effect… one commentor said not to buy 20kgs+ unless you know what you are doing.

The word ‘Brilliant’ came up a few times.

Wrapping Up: Are these Weighted Training Vest from JLL Right for You?

These are budget weighted vests from a company that has a solid reputation. While not top of the range items, they are machine washable, flexible and comfortable – a great combination for the price point.

It you want to add intensity to a wide range of workouts, without committing too much cash, then these weighted vests fit the bill perfectly.

Check out the close-up pictures, and read the latest feedback from buyers for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page at

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