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Marcy SM600 Smith Machine Review - Fitness Review

Marcy SM600 Smith Machine Review

Marcy SM600 Smith Machine Review

Summary: The Marcy SM6000 Smith Machine is a lower priced setup which combines the safety features of a Smith Machine with ‘Power Glide’ smooth technology from Marcy. Note that you will need to purchase weights separately. Separate bench for this one which adds flexibility. Some very good feedback from current owners, and (at the time of writing at least) a small but welcome discount at amazon.co.uk. Check out the gallery, feedback and latest discount for yourself on the dedicated product page here.


Detailed Review of the Marcy SM600 Smith Machine

Like all Marcy kit, this setup looks solid and stylish at the same time. You get a rack made of 2 inch heavy duty steel – the whole thing weighs in at a hefty 68kgs. The frame is wider than you get with many home gyms, which helps with stability. It is not too deep, making it an ideal addition to a home gym (assuming you have a different multi-gym unit as the main piece). The bench is separate, rather than attached to the rack. This makes the Marcy SM6000 more flexible – you can switch benches, or use this bench separately for other exercises. There is a 7 degree slant with the bottom closer to you. According to Marcy this has been tested as the ideal for most user’s natural body position.

No weights are included, though these can be bought at amazon at the same time. My tip here is to look at the ‘Buyers also bought’ list on amazon.co.uk – you’ll find the weight options there.

A big plus point for this unit is the ‘Ultra Glide’ setup. The main bar has a smooth operation, this is in addition to the stops which allow you to specify the minimum level for the bar. The bar can hold 1” or 2” weights, with up to 140kgs maximum capacity.

What Previous Buyers Said About the Marcy SM600 Smith Machine

Keeping in mind that this is a budget price model (especially in proportion to other Marcy products), the feedback has been very positive. Most of this has been 4 and 5 stars, with a lot of buyers feeling like they got excellent value.

One commentor specified that this is an excellent ‘addition’ to his home gym, while others praised the Marcy build quality and ease of use. There was only one mention of sturdiness in the negative, most people were positive on this aspect.

Wrapping Up: A great product at a fair price for users looking to add the safety of a Smith Machine to their home gym. With a separate bench, smooth action and capacity for more weight that most of us will ever need – this is an all-round solid choice.

You can see the full picture gallery, which includes one picture with all the different functions pointed out – on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page, check it out for yourself now!

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