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Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine Review - Fitness Review

Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine Review

Body Solid Smith 7

Summary: The Body Solid Series 7 is an amazing setup. This is a higher budget home gym, and one which you’ll need some space for. What you get is is a no-compromises package with built in safety features – meaning you can work without a spotter. The list of exercises is huge. Assembly is required for this smith machine. The feedback (via the US site) is very positive. This setup blows the flimsy budget models out of the water – check out the picture gallery and spec on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Detailed Review of the Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine

Body-Solid Series 7 Smith Master Package is the ultimate smith machine, built to last and provide the toughest workouts. It is ideal for anyone, regardless of their experience, who wants to train their arms, shoulders and chest. It is intimidating at first sight, with the huge metal frame, but it is incredibly smooth to operate and assemble. Unlike other smith machines, which only allow for unilateral movement, this gym’s unique design also allows for bilateral movement.

You get a 210lb steel alloy weight stack that has been cut to precision by machine included in the gym when you order it, so no extra costs for weight. Plus there’s the added weight plate posts to produce extra resistance for an even more intense workout. The design is very good and works flawlessly, you can even perform any high or low pulley exercises thanks to the no-cable-change design.

Though it occupies a pretty large footprint, you can still have it in your home if you’ve got the space, that way, you can exercise at home even without a spotter. This is possible because the press bar can be placed on one of the lockout positions if you feel your arms are giving out. The workouts are comfortable too, the bench is commercial size, which means it’s large and strong enough to handle any weight. The bench is also adjustable, and can be tilted to incline, decline or remain flat for presses, these adjustments help you focus on the area of the chest or arm you would like to train. I liked the bench because it’s thick, extra thick, so you’re comfortable even when you’ve got a heavy load in your arms.

Buyer Feedback for the Body Solid 7 Series Smith Machine

There is no feedback as yet at amazon.co.uk, though the US site has 4 people replying. The only negatives were from one buyer who had to wait 31 days for delivery (something must have gone wrong, as the usual time is 2 to 3 days), and one who was missing a couple of bolts. Functionality was praised by all of the buyers, who felt they had received an amazing machine. One commented that this is a different category of smith machine compared to those you’ll find on sale in your local sporting goods stores.

You may feel reluctant or twitch at the price tag but believe me it’s a worthy investment; something you will use for your entire life. You will notice its build quality the moment you begin using it.

Check out the amazing spec and full picture gallery for yourself now on the amazon.co.uk product page.

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Note: The ‘master package’ (with a few extras) has now been replaced by just the smith machine structure on the Body Solid amazon.co.uk store. Make sure you check the spec – as these things are always subject to change.