Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine Review

9010G from Marcy

Summary: The Marcy MD-9010G is a commercial grade Smith Machine, this is a serious home gym for those looking to invest in kit which will last them many years. See the impressive spec for this model along with the (*at the time of writing) generous discount on the product page.


Detailed Review of the Marcy MD-9010G Smith Machine

For a commercial grade smith machine, the Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine Black is the perfect choice. It can handle users up to 136kg (300lb), so you can be confident it will suit anyone. There are plenty exercises you could perform on the equipment, there is an exercise chart to help you identify them. You can therefore effectively train your whole body on this gym without requiring extra equipment.

Being fully commercial, its mechanisms have been upgraded above regular home-gyms, the ball bearings that keep the press bar in vertical motion are of commercial quality and sealed to ensure they can handle even the largest weights without breaking. The build quality, too, hasn’t been compromised, it is extremely strong and solid, and you barely feel any movement on the materials, that’s why this product weighs 180kg.

Like regular smith machines, you get lockout positions for the press bar, though this one has 9 positions that hold the weights when you want to stop. This is very important especially when you’re pressing on your own without a spotter to hold the weight when you’re tired. There is also an independent weight bench you can disconnect when you don’t need it; it adjusts in angle to accommodate the exercise you want.

This home gym does not include weights in the package when you buy it, you have to get those separately, but I assume that by the time you’re buying this, you have already tried the smaller machines and have the weights at home. As Marcy themselves advertise it, it’s a serious gym, for serious users who are determined to get into the best shape. I don’t discourage newbies, though, despite its capabilities you can still benefit from the smooth mechanisms even when you use lighter weights, so really, it’s a gym for everyone.

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