Marcy SM1000 Deluxe Smith Machine

Marcy Smith Machine SM1000

Summary: A solid Smith Machine as you would expect from Marcy, this is ideal for home use, less bulky than many though still fully adjustable. This one has a big discount at at the time of writing, see the product page for the latest offer.


Detailed Review of the Marcy SM1000 Deluxe Smith Machine

This smith machine secures the press bar in axis and only allows it to move up or down so even when your hands are a bit wobbly, you can be sure not to fall backwards. Besides that, the press bar can also be quickly holstered into the supports when you feel yourself getting weak, so no fear of dropping the weights on your head.

Weights are for everyone, and so is this gym, no matter the weight you’re pressing, this smith machine provides a very smooth lift thanks to the ultra-glide bushings in the mechanism, so whether you’re a beginner or professional, this gym is for you. It is meant primarily for training the arms and chest muscles, though you can also use it with squats or other exercises to strengthen the core.

The Marcy SM1000 Deluxe Smith Machine has been taken a step further to make it user-friendly. The back pad for one can be adjusted to incline to different angles so you can train various areas of your arms and chest. It can be set to be completely flat for bench presses as well as upright. The build of the whole machine too is top quality, that’s the first thing you notice after assembling, so you’re guaranteed of a long service.

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