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Withings Body Composition Scales Review - Fitness Review

Withings Body Composition Scales Review

Withings Body+ Smart Scale Review

Summary: Withings Body+ Smart Scales comes from a brand that invented body composition scales. Fast forward to the newest models and you have an app-compatible digital bathroom scales set that keeps track of all the key stats. This will give your body fat readings, BMI, water retention percentage, overall muscle mass and yes, your weight in good old-fashioned stones! Add in connections to popular apps (including FitBit and Apple Health), and even an Alexa function, and you will see why this is close to the top of the best-seller lists.

A lot of positive feedback for this one. It works brilliantly for people losing weight, as well as fitness fans keeping track of their statistics.

Check out this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now for the close-ups and a video.

Detailed Review of the Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Body Composition Smart Scale

When you first see the Body+ from Withings, it looks like any other digital scale set. A smart black design with a simple black monitor. It is square, 32.5cms on each side, and is 2.3cms tall. This model is easy to move around, at just 4.4lbs (a little heavier than most scales).

It works using 4xAAA batteries. These are included, so no need to order them separately. These will keep your Body+ smart scale running for up to 18 months.

While the white writing on black background monitor is plenty enough to get the benefits of this BMI scale, to get the best from it, you should connect it to your smartphone using one of the popular apps.

What The Body+ Scale Measures?

Let’s start with your weight. While the stats on water, muscle and fat are key, we all like to know the overall weight before anything else.

BMI is body mass index. This is your weight and height combined. To get it you divide your weight (in KGS) by your height in Meters squared. You end up with a number between approx. 15 and 40. The sweet spot for an adult is 18.5 to 24.9. Less than this you are underweight, more than this you are overweight – up to obese at between 30 and 39.9.

You will also calculate your muscle mass and body fat. These are linked, the more lean muscle you have, the lower your fat. Add in water percentage readings for an even more accurate picture.

Readouts Withings Body+

Withings Body+ Smart Scale: Technology and Connections

This scale will connect to the most popular fitness apps. The list includes FitBit trackers, Google Health and Apple health apps, and MyFitnessPal. You connect via Bluetooth. You will be able to track your data, synching this with your fitness activity data and your sleep tracking.

Up to 8 different people can be tracked on your Withings scale. This lets you share one for the whole family.

Some curious extras include a weather forecast, and compatibility with Alexa (this appears to be for information only).

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Withings Body+ Smart Scale

Positive feedback overall for this scale. Some people were concerned about the variability of their results. This is at odds with the accuracy scores listed by Withings. Others said this gave uncannily similar readings when used repeatedly within a day. I’m wondering if the flooring was involved.

A lot of pluses when it comes to synching with fitness apps. It seems this scale uses a universal link which works with a lot of recent apps for both Android and Apple devices.

When you combine the price point, long list of functions and links – the feedback is overall a plus point. Make sure you do read the latest feedback from buyers… things can change even for an established brand like this one.

Wrapping Up: Will the Withings Body+ Smart Scale Measure Up For You?

This is a best-seller in its category and comes from an established brand with a long track record in sensors / trackers (see their watches!).

You get a smart bathroom scale which will synch the information for up to 8 users via the popular fitness apps. It can also be used stand-alone, simply noting the information on the white-on-black monitor.

With readings for weight, BMI, muscles, and water, you get a clear picture of your progress. When you combine this with information from your fitness tracker on activity and sleep, the information takes on a vivid new texture.

Add to this the great service and quality that the Withings brand is known for – and this is certainly the best smart-scale at the price.

See the close-up pictures, and check out the video of the key features, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

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