Best Wobble Board from JLL

JLL Wobble Balance Board Review

Summary: Wobble boards are one of those pieces of equipment that blow away people’s expectations in a positive way. Benefits include core and leg muscle toning, balance training and overall agility improvements. This best-selling wobble board from JLL has all the key features. It also comes with excellent service support from a UK-based company, something you won’t get with those shoddy ‘no brand’ knock offs which dominate the listings these days.

You get a big, light, circular board, non-slip covering and a build quality which will last and last.

This wobble board has already sold 1000’s. Check out the positive feedback, and see the zoomable picture gallery, over on this dedicated product page now!

JLL® Wooden Balance Board, ANTI SLIP SURFACE, Exercise Fitness Workout Rehabilitation Training Exercise Wobble Board
Rough texture non-slip top surface, designed to provide grip for any workout footwear… more

Detailed Review of the JLL Wooden Wobble Balance Board

The first thing that will strike you about this balance board is its weight. JLL made it to handle users of up to 120kgs (that is 18.89 stone). It weighs in at a surprisingly light 1.2kgs. The secret is in the materials. It is made from a stiff, treated plywood, which is 18mm thick. If you look closely, you will see the layered effect on the sides.

This wobble board sits 8cms from the ground and is just under 40cms in diameter.

Textured Surface

You really don’t want to be thinking about your feet when you use a balance board. Your task is to balance, working out those core muscles, thighs, and buttocks. JLL thought of this. The surface has six segments, which are textured – you might even call them rough. They make sure your feet won’t slip, giving you the benefits of balancing without any worry.

JLL note that these boards are safe for kids or adults of all ages. I’d add ‘under supervision’ to that, and make a quick mention that balancing is harder on the core than you might expect. While this is a great reason to buy a balance board, it is also a reason to take things slow at first… working up to longer sessions and varying things up as you gain experience.

Strong and Light Wobble Board

About JLL Fitness Equipment

JLL are more than an online retailer. They create a wide range of fitness machines and accessories and have a giant showroom in Birmingham. What makes them stand out for me is the service. Look at any of their best-selling products, read the comments / feedback, and you will see the support staff complimented over and over.

Some of their most popular machines include treadmills such as the T450 or the T350 Digital and a mix of upright and recumbent exercise bikes.

Feedback: What Owners of the JLL Wobble Board Said?

A ton of positive feedback for this balance / wobble board. Not only are there a lot more comments on different sites overall, but the rating also compares really well with no-name equipment.

One commentor calls it the ‘shortest frisbee ever’, I’m honestly not sure what this means (the one-star review gives a clue). Most people were delighted, the sturdiness (compared to the price) and non-slip material on top got several compliments.

It was also noted that the plastic dome is carpet friendly. You can always get a rubber mat (even something like a yoga mat) to protect your floor.

Make sure you check out the latest comments for all types of fitness equipment. This type of feedback will give you a better insight than any carefully crafted marketing materials.

Is this JLL Accessory the Best Wobble Board Around?

There are some cheaper wobble boards, though the price difference and quality are nowhere near in balance!

With JLL you get a UK company, dedicated to quality, with a helpful customer service team. Compare that to no-name brands and no backup at all, and you should always go with JLL. This wobble board is light, strong, and durable. It has a non-slip surface, plus a ball underneath which will not damage your carpets.

You’ll be surprised how good a core / leg workout one of these boards will give you – check out the latest feedback and close-up pictures for yourself now, over on this dedicated page at the JLL amazon store.

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