TecTake Fitness Power Station Review

TecTake Home Gym Review

Summary: This clean-looking home weights gym from TecTake packs a punch. With a 150kg max weight load and complex cable setup, it is versatile too. You will get a lat pull-down bar, butterfly mode and rope pull-down – as well as leg extensor, curl bar and bench press. Most of the reviews were from mainland Europe. This included a German complimenting the engineering (which has to be a big plus!).

For the price point, you get a lot of exercises – with the cable system allowing them to fit into a more compact unit compared to some of the Marcy or F4H home gyms.

You can check out the full gallery, along with the latest price and discount (if any) on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

TecTake 800546 Fitness Power Station | Butterfly mode | Lat pull-down | Rope pull-down - different models (Typ 1 | No. 402756)
With its versatile training options and compact design, this multi-station is ideal for a full-body workout even in smaller homes or basements. … more

Detailed Review of the TecTake Fitness Poker Station Home Gym

This home gym is made from plastic coated steel. This allows for a big load from a slim frame. The approximate dimensions are 160 x 100 x 200cm  – this should fit easily into that spare room.

You will notice the cable and pulley system between the station and the weight stack. This is designed (via that clever engineering) to amplify the resistance from the weight stack. You’ll have plenty enough resistance to build muscle. You can pin the weights at 4.5kg increments as you improve. There are 8 weight blocks in total. The total weight for the main model is 77kg, with the upgraded model at 83kgs.

A big advantage to getting an all-in-one home gym is that all the attachments you need come as standard. There is no shopping around for pull-down bars or similar separately. With 4cms of padding, TecTake have made sure you are comfortable while you are working out. There are feet to protect your floor too.

Full Body Workout

TecTake Weight Stack Close UpTecTake show an impressive list of exercises for this gym. Their marketing emphasises the flexibility from such a compact gym unit. It is designed with strength training in mind, though can also be used for some forms of cardio.

You get a bench press, butterfly function, leg extensor station, lat pull-down bar, rope pull-down, and a metal step plate for curling while standing up.

Feedback: What Did Previous Buyers Say About the TecTake Home Gym?

This gym has a lot more feedback than similar price-range items at amazon. When I looked into why it was from all over Europe. Barring translation mix-ups, the overall feedback was positive. This comes in a category where people are (rightly!) difficult to please.

As I mentioned in the intro, the German saying that the build was excellent and assembly was simple has to be a good sign. Other comments praise the amount of resistance you get from what seems like a smaller weight stack. The few negatives were for minor things like missing screws – to be fair this must have been annoying.

Delivery was another plus point for this home gym.

Wrapping Up: How Does the TecTake Home Workout Station Compare?

If you have a smaller space for your home gym, this could be idea. Sure, an impressive multi-station gym from Marcy would be perfect – only those need a room and a half to fit in. If you are looking for a tough workout in a smaller spare room or basement, then this TecTake gym is one for the short list.

You’ll get a full body workout, including a leg extension and 2 different pull-down options.

Check out the feedback and detailed picture gallery for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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