Fit4Home TF-3003C Multi Station Home Gym Review

Fit4Home Multi-Station Gym

Summary: If there is anything Fit4Home left out of their TF-3003C Multi-Station Home Gym, then I was not able to find it. This is a fully adjustable monster piece of home gym equipment, with an 80kg stack and every possible station available. The 3003 is the latest in a line of home multi gyms, which have become more versatile. You will need space for this monster, though it has you covered for every possible workout once assembled. Stations include a chest press, cable flyes, lats pulldown, cable crunches, leg press, chest and triceps dips, leg raises, leg curls, bicep curls and a long list of extras.

See the Close-Ups:

Check out the close-ups of each station / accessory – and see how easily this Fit4Home gym adjusts to your size and workouts now – over on this dedicated product page.

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Detailed Review of the TF-3003C Multi Station Home Gym from Fit4Home

Let’s start with the size. This is a huge setup and will need a garage or dedicated space. It is 266.5cms by 210cms by 214cms. It weighs in at a huge 290 kilos. You won’t move it around once assembled. I recommend thinking about your gym floor when you buy it and not after assembly.

One thing I do not understand is the maximum recommended user weight of 120kgs. This seems low when you look at the heavy steel construction and huge weight stack. I can only assume that Fit4Home’s lawyers wanted a low recommended weight to avoid any liability issues – who really knows!

The primary weight stack is 80kgs. It is built from 5kg plates. You can easily switch the level of resistance as you change exercises with a pin system.

Heavy duty cables are used, and the seats and back-rest are padded with wipe-clean surfaces and easy-grip rubber handles as standard.

TF-3003C Home Gym Review Fit4Home

What Exercises Can the Fit4Home Multi-Station TF 3003C Handle?

There are three primary stations combining different exercises. You can see the main seat for the chest and pull-down routines. To the side (partially hidden in the main picture above) is the cable crossover area. On the right is the leg press, with further leg workouts attached to the bottom of the main seat. When you add in the accessories (rowing bar and so on), the number of workouts is impressive.

Here are the keys areas, you will get the full, impressive list, over on the dedicated product page at

Legs, curls and dip stationsList of Workouts:

  • Chest Press: The large, inverted U above the seat is an adjustable chest press. This gives your triceps a workout, as well as your pecs.
  • Cable Flyes: Two handles come as standard with the TF-3003C, adding some extra versatility to your chest workouts.
  • Lat Pulldown: Choose from a wide or narrow grip on the main pulldown bar, depending on which specific muscles you are working out.
  • Ab Crunch: Use the cable crunches option to give your abs a workout – no muscle group gets missed with this gym.
  • Bicep Curls: A bar and chain in front of your seat are for the popular bicep curl workouts.
  • Leg Curls: This uses the main weight stack via a cable, giving you instant leg curls with a simple switch-over.
  • Leg Press: This has a separate station, with handles available for balance either side of the padded seat.
  • Chest / Triceps Dips: If the 80kg weight stack is not quite enough, you can use the TF03003C for bodyweight routines.


Feedback: What Buyers Said About Fit4Home Multi Gyms

This huge multi-station gym is new, it is already impressing buyers. One comment notes that this should be seen as an investment (rather than an expense). This makes good sense, it has you covered for all muscle groups – and is built to last for years.

In general, Fit4Home get a ton of positive feedback. This brand covers the mid-budget buyer. People who want a versatile home weights setup at a decent price. Their kit is a big jump from the ‘no-name’ with badly translated descriptions and non-existent customer service you get these days. You can’t expect a commercial gym this big at the price-points Fit4Home offer – making this a great compromise for many users.

Check out the impressive close-up pictures – and you will quickly see that this gym really is an investment – there is never any excuses for missing leg-day now!

See this dedicated product page for more!

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