Star Trac CTX Cross Trainer

Star Trac CTX Cross Trainer

Summary: I’d describe the Star Trac CTX Cross Trainer as the Rolls Royce of ellipticals. This is an amazing machine, which any high-end gym would be proud to showcase. It is perfect for home users that know they love elliptical cross trainer workouts – and want a machine which will last for years. The Star Trac CTX combines comfort, stability, and power. The console display is as informative as you can get with six display windows and enjoy 10 different programs. With an ergonomic design, the machine is perfect for users at all ages and all fitness levels.

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Detailed Review of the Star Trac CTX Cross Trainer

The Star Trac CTX Cross Trainer is a solid and stable high-end elliptical – it is also huge. This cross trainer has a total length of 193cm, a width of 76cm and a height of 183cm. It has a step-up height of seven inches. At the rear is a wide base, with the distinctive upright flywheel case giving the CTX a certain style beyond its robust, functional design.

This elliptical has a total weight capacity of 25 stone, making it ideal for family use. There is a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 2-years parts plus 1-year labour warranty. Star Trac are a trusted, established brand who have been looking after both gym owners and home users for years.

Colour Console for Total Fitness Monitoring

This Star Trac cross trainer features a full colour console that features multiple readouts as you exercise. Controls are located at the bottom of the console. You will find one main display window alongside five smaller ones.

With simultaneous displays, you can view the time, your heart rate, calories burned, number of Watts, distance travelled, your speed and METs. The final reading is ‘metabolic equivalent of task’, which compares the energy in comparison to sitting quietly.

There are 10 programs in all. They which include useful functions such as dynamic or constant heart rate control, as well as the quick start option which most people use at first. Below the display are multiple cup and accessory holders. The Star Trac CTX offers 20 levels of resistance, ensuring that there is always a next level to strive to, whatever your fitness level.

Console Star Track CTX Elliptical

PVS Entertainment System Compatibility of the Star Trac S-CTX

The system is pre-wired and ready for the S Series PVS entertainment system, allowing you to add this fantastic extra to your equipment (at an extra cost). This features a 15.6-inch HD screen which is HDMI streaming capable and features an integrated design that matches the cross trainer.

The Workout Experience of the Star Trac S-CTX Cross Trainer

Pedals on the S-CTX are open ended and have a 45cm by 20cm size, making for a comfortable workout. These pedals are spaced just two inches apart, ensuring an ergonomic and natural feel as you make those strides. With a step-up height of just seven inches, which is small in comparison to other similar machines, it is naturally empowering to those of a smaller size or those with a limited range of mobility. Shock absorbers add to the overall workout experience, giving you a smooth, solid, and comfortable ride every time you step on to the machine.

Cooling and Power

This Star Trac cross trainer comes complete with a cooling fan. This is adjustable so you can position it in exactly the right position to give you the most benefit.

There are no external power requirements, with only your own effort required.  This will conserve energy and mean you won’t be adding any extras onto your electricity bill at the end of each month. Better still, it doesn’t require a cable, meaning you can position it wherever you want.

About Star Trac Fitness Equipment

Star Trac are part of the Core Health and Fitness family. At Star Trac the aim is to create solutions designed around users of gym equipment to not only get them fit today, but also to mould lifelong habits for health and fitness.

Core Health and Fitness state the following aim:

Our promise is to maximize customer delight and trust. It is our job to go above and beyond to create memorable customer experiences and surpass your expectations. We endeavor to create strong relationships and lifelong brand advocates by delivering a world-class customer experience.’

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Is the Star Trac CTX Cross Trainer Right for You?

This high-end piece of home gym equipment is ideal for users at all fitness levels that know they love cross training. This elliptical is like taking a piece of a boutique commercial gym home with you. It is as solid as they come and is designed with long life and constant use in mind.

The display panel is as informative as you’ll find, with six different display windows. This gives you giving you everything you need without the need of scrolling through options. Add the S Series PVS entertainment system for an all-round multi-media experience. Ergonomically designed, this cross trainer offers the best in stable and comfortable rides.

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