Sportstech Vertical Climber and Stepper Review

Sportstech Vertical Climber Review

Summary: Nothing matches the intense cardio that this innovative Vertical Climber from Sportstech delivers. It works as a stepper, ideal for a quick workout that covers multiple muscle groups. It will also give you an intense cardio workout. The innovative (dare I mention German engineering…) design means this vertical climber folds neatly away. When set up, your arms and shoulders get involved in the action. 5-stage height adjustment makes this useable by everyone.

Hugely positive feedback for this model. You will see the close-up pictures while you check out the latest feedback for yourself, over on this dedicated product page.

Sportstech innovative 2-in-1 Stepper & Vertical Climber. Fitness - climbing - climbing motions, foldable, multifunctional VC300 antislip design - ideal for high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
The VC300 Climbing Machine is a stepper and climber for the leg, buttocks, abdomen, and arm muscles. It combines the advantages of two devices in one….. more

Detailed Review of the Sportstech Stepper / Vertical Climber

This climbing machine has a wider base than many models. It folds via a bar between the bases, allowing you to store it away between workouts. When ready to use, it is 93cms by 73cms – an 213cms tall at the highest point. It weighs in at just over 20kgs.

You get a smart looking unit. A noticeable addition is the LCD console, which is placed at the top of the plastic cover. There are fixed handles and moving ones. The primary workout is to combine the steps with the top handles, pushing down on each handle and peddle in turn.

Attention to the small details is a plus point for all Sportstech home fitness equipment. This one does not let them down. The non-slip pedals, rubber ends to the base to protect your floor and easy to grip foam handles all worth noting. Overall, this vertical climber is stable and robust. A max user weight of 120kgs has most people easily covered.

LCD Monitor Included

Muscle Groups Vertical ClimberMost climbers don’t have a monitor – relying on you to count your own steps. This shows the time working out, calories burned, and overall number of steps taken. It is a basic monitor, though plenty enough to let you compare your results between different days.

This machine is not all about the HIIT / Cardio element. It gives you a great workout for both lower and upper body muscle groups. Front and back of your lefts (and butt!) and arms / shoulders will all benefit from a short, sharp workout.

Feedback: What Owners of the Sportstech VC300 Vertical Climber Said?

It is rare to see climbing machines with as much positive feedback as a proportion of the total as this one. The workout it gives came in for a lot of individual praise – with many people sounding like they were surprised by the intensity. What came in for several mentions was that you can get an intense cardio workout in just 15 minutes. Compared to a treadmill or a folding exercise bike, this is an intensive burst.

There were occasional issues with replacement parts being required. It looks like Sportstech turned this into a positive – showing their quality for customer service. For those not yet familiar with this brand, they are a giant German fitness equipment maker. They excel in engineering, and have friendly, efficient customer service too.

Wrapping Up: Is the VC300 Stepper / Climber from Sportstech Right for You?

Climbing machines deliver HIIT cardio exercise in short, effective bursts. Once you discover how easy it is to fit in a workout, you will never look at slower home fitness equipment in the same way. The VC300 climbing machine makes a great addition to your kit – and folds away between uses too.

Feedback follows the rest of the Sportstech range. This is positive, with specific mentions for the quality of the engineering and for customer service.

Tone up multiple muscle groups – and get a great cardio workout at the same time – with this quality vertical climber.

Check out the gallery (with close-ups) and the latest price for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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