SportsTech Twister Stepper Review

SportsTech Twister Stepper Review

Summary: The SportsTech Twister Stepper combines German-quality engineering with some excellent small touches. As you might expect, there is a ton of positive feedback from buyers of this small unit. Notable extras include ‘power bands’ – which let you work out your arms, shoulders and chest while stepping. You also get special pedal design that gives you the option of going barefoot.

You get an electronic display, warranty and a range of resistance levels which mean this stepper will keep up as you improve your fitness.

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Detailed Review of the SportsTech 2 in 1 Twister Stepper with Power Ropes

It may be a cliché, though the German engineering gets a mention in the feedback for all SportsTech products. This also applies to the 2 in 1 twister stepper, highlighting the quality compared to the many no-name clone units out there today.

This is a smaller unit, it is 44x 42x 23cms, and is 17.5 kg when packed. It is a smart black and red, with no complex assembly needed. You get the stepper unit, plus two removeable elasticated bands.

You can either use it to step, or twist from side to side. Those sideways movements target different muscle groups – providing you a balance between muscle toning and a rigorous cardio workout. If you have not used a Twister Stepper before, it makes sense to go easy on your first few sessions.

Resistance is easy to adjust. SportsTech name levels, so you can start with hiking and move all the way to mountaineering!

Extras on this SportsTech Unit

Pedal Close Up SportsTech Twist StepperYou get a display with this unit. It is a simple one, showing black numbers. You can track how many calories you have burned, time spent stepping, and the number of steps. Make notes of your sessions – and you get to see how you are progressing over time.

Pedals have an anti-slip surface; they have nodules which give you some foot reflex additions to your cardio. You can choose to work out in trainers or go barefoot.

Finally, the bands. These clip on, one each side. They are used to add arms, back and shoulders to your routine. Using the bands together with the stepping and twisting gives you a serious workout from this tiny unit.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the SportsTech Twist Stepper

Apart from one reviewer who was *shocked* that a sub £100 piece of home fitness equipment did not match what they found in a commercial gym – the feedback for this unit is positive. The word sturdy came up on multiple reviews, with that German engineering getting a few mentions.

Squeaks got mixed feedback. Some people complained about them, others noted that this unit was relatively squeak free.

Overall, the feedback at the time of writing compares well with that for other units. If you come across too many complaints, if you see the comments at amazon or elsewhere – make sure you compare this with the steppers from HomCom or Confidence Fitness. You will find that the stepper crew are a hard bunch to please!

Wrapping Up: Is the SportsTech 2 in 1 Twister Stepper Right for You?

These units appeal to people that want a quick burst style workout that combines cardio and toning. Compared to the other options, this is cheap, small enough to pop in a cupboard between uses – and does not need the time commitment of a rower or treadmill.

SportsTech are a powerhouse fitness brand from Germany. They create everything from under-desk treadmills to impressive multi-gyms. Their engineering is a big plus, it often gets specific mentions from buyers that leave comments about their products at amazon.

Small touches complete the plus points for this stepper. You get a display, ergonomic pedals, easy resistance, and elasticated bands.

For a small unit, this stepper certainly packs a punch.

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