Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine Review

Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine Review

Summary: The Sportstech RSX400 rowing machine puts app compatibility in a compact unit. This is perfect for anyone that loves group training via apps (or just scenic views for their sessions). It is significantly cheaper than the popular RSX500 unit – though has the same quality engineering and a long list of quality features. This machine folds away between uses and is compatible with heart rate monitors as well as apps.

Sportstech machines get solid feedback – and the RSX400 is no exception. The German engineering gets several (positive) mentions.

Check out the gallery, which includes closeups of the key areas and the folded view, and the latest comments for yourself now over on this dedicated product page!

Quality German Engineering:

Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine - German Quality Brand -Video Events & Multiplayer App, Heart Rate Belt incl. rowing machine for your home, foldable with 8x magnetoresistance and ball bearing seat
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Detailed Review of the Sportstech RSX400 Home Rowing Machine

This unit is smaller than the RSX500. It has the classic rowing machine shape, with a big front unit having a curved arm to get the console in the right spot. The support at the end of the rail is a solid angled shape – which keeps the rower stable.

It is 116cms long, 27cms wide and 46cms tall – and weighs in at 23.6kgs. Sportstech cap the recommended user weight for this one at 100kgs. That is around 15 and a half stone in ‘old money’.

Folding the RSX400 away is easy. The entire rail will pivot, giving the rower a surprisingly small footprint. When the rail is set up, it has a natural 15-degree incline. This is combined with 8 levels of resistance. You change this manually, via a dial which sits where the rail meets the base unit.

A small but important touch are the wheels. They let you move your rower into place by lifting the rail.

App Compatibility and Monitoring

You get a heart rate belt included with this model. This works with the console, giving you the chance to adjust your sessions based on your heart rate.

If you have a tablet or smart-TV, you can connect with popular apps. Popular brands include KinoMap and FitnessData. This unlocks group training, map-based rowing, coaching – and lets you keep track of your progress over time.

Small Touches Which Make Sportstech Rowers Stand Out

There are plenty of small touches (besides the cliches about German engineers) included in the RSX400 home rower. They include a slip-resistant design on the pedals, along with fully adjustable foot straps. The seat moves on ball-bearings, which are smoother than wheels. The makers claim the seat is comfy… you can always grab a padded seat cover if you do not agree.

Feedback: What People Said About the Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine

RSX400 ReviewMany people pointed out that this is a smaller rowing machine. This is important to keep in mind (the gym spec / commercial ones are often 2 meters+ in length). Value for money was a common point in the comments – with many people complimenting the build quality.

Negatives included one person with a damaged box. There were one or two connectivity issue rants too. They seem to be the exception, with most people that mentioned it connecting with 3rd party apps without any issues.

Sportstech are based in Germany, they have a solid reputation for customer service for buyers in the UK. You’ll also get a warranty with their kit.

As always, feedback / service levels do change over time. Whatever rowing machine you buy, it makes sense to spend a minute or two checking the comments.

Wrapping Up: Is the Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine Right For You?

If you are after a smaller rowing machine which has compatibility with the latest technology, then the RSX400 ticks all the right boxes. This unit has a space-saving design, it folds away easily and can be wheeled into place when needed.

Smooth action, 8 magnetic resistance levels and ball-bearing driven seat movement all help keep your row smooth and easy.

Add in the free chest strap heart rate monitor, compatibility with popular group training apps and that famous German eye for quality construction – and you have a home rowing machine that ticks all the right boxes.

Check out the full picture gallery and read the latest comments for yourself over on this dedicated product page now!

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