We R Sports Premium Elastic Cord Rowing Machine Review

We R Sports Rowing Machine

Summary: The Premium Elastic Cord Rowing Machine from We R Sports fills a niche. Many home rowers with elastic resistance are super-budget, flimsy and often rattle while you row. The We R Sports unit combines a solid mid-range rowing machine with the popular elastic band resistance. It creates a quiet ride, with many of the features you will only get on mid-budget and up rowing machines for a great price.

A lot of these units have been sold, and the feedback left by buyers has been positive. Notable themes in the comments are the quietness, solid build and how easy it is to put together out of the box.

Check out the full gallery, which includes close-ups and a view of this rower in folded-up position – over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

Detailed Review of the We R Sports Premium Elastic Cord Home Rowing Machine

You get a full-sized rower from the respected We R Sports. This is 168cms long, 35.5cms wide and 54cms tall at the top of the front unit. It has sturdy bars at the front and back and pivots in the middle which allows you to fold it away between uses.

You can choose from different trim, with black, blue, red, and purple all available. All these options look smart – with the ‘RowX’ logo on the side.

The seat is padded for comfort and will glide up and down the bar with your feet strapped in place at the front end.

Quiet Elastic Band Resistance

Instead of a noisy belt and flywheel setup, this We R Sports rowing machine uses elastic resistance. If you have ever used the separate resistance band sets to work out, then you will know the principal. As you shorten the band, it becomes harder to stretch.

This allows for 4 levels of resistance, from light all the way through to a decent cardio workout. If you have any doubts that elastic resistance can give you as good a workout as the belt / magnetic / water rowers, then check out the comments from buyers. They will soon put your mind to rest.

We R Sports Elastic Cord Rowing Machine LCD Monitor

Console View We R Sports RowerYou get a functional and basic monitor with this unit. It gives you a calorie count, as well as the regular rowing facts and figures. You get the distance rowed, stroke count and time – along with count / minute and total (over multiple sessions).

This console will scan between the different figures automatically – so you won’t need to stop and adjust as you go along.

Feedback: What Buyers of this We R Sports Rowing Machine Said?

Overall, buyers said they found this home rowing machine to be great value. The feedback is positive without being overly full of praise – which is exactly what you would expect in this price range. People of different sizes enjoyed this machine, though one comment from someone under 5 foot said it was too big for them.

Another buyer said they were over the 15.5 stone recommended weight and had no problems.

While you won’t get commercial gym style equipment at this price point, most of the buyers that left feedback were happy with their purchase overall.

Whatever rowing machine you buy, make sure that you check the feedback. This will give you a first-hand view from real buyers – far better than any glossy marketing brochure.

Wrapping Up: Is the We R Sports Elastic Resistance Rowing Machine Right for You?

A quiet and smooth cardio workout – with a well built and solid base ticks the right boxes for a lot of users. This unit is ideal for anyone that likes the idea of quiet elastic resistance, though wants a good brand with a build quality that will last. We R Sports have a great reputation. They produce home fitness equipment covering treadmills, bikes and more – as well as rowing machines.

With a basic console, padded seat and fold-away option, this rower will make a great addition to anyone’s home fitness regimen.

Check out the gallery (including close-ups) and read the latest feedback from buyers for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!

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