Sportstech DFX100 Under Desk Elliptical Trainer Review

DFX100 Under Desk Elliptical

Summary: The Sportstech DFX100 Elliptical Trainer comes from the German fitness equipment giant Sportstech. This is a quality item – in the same price bracket as many mid-level upright ellipticals. It is aimed at desk bound workers, with many people returning to fitness also enjoying the benefits. While an under-desk elliptical is not an obvious first choice, it does avoid a major issue with under desk bikes – knee bump!

The DFX is part of the ‘Fair Novelty’ range from Sportstech. Judging by the feedback, this little machine has worked out perfectly for a lot of different types of user.

You can see the full picture gallery (including close-ups) and check the latest comments for yourself – over on this dedicated product page.

Space Saving

Fair novelty 2020! Mini Exercise cross trainer with App, Stepper DFX100 elliptical for Exercise in the Office & at Home, Workplace Health, no height-adjustable desk necessary Leg & Pedal Trainer
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Detailed Review of the Sportstech / Fair Novelty Under Desk Elliptical Cross Trainer

This is a small unit, designed to go under your desk or next to you on the sofa. It is 63x51x33cms. Considering the compact size, the 16.5kg weight is plenty enough to keep your unit in place while you use it. There are small wheels on the bar at the front to help move it around. Note that the cat shown in one of the product pictures is not included with your purchase.

The pedals are big enough for any user. They have a forward and back motion, and like with regular ellipticals, they can also move sideways. The action is silent. Sportstech use a ball-bearing system to keep things smooth.

Smooth operation does not mean a lack of workout potential. There is a magnetic breaking (resistance) system in use which has 8 levels. This allows you to vary your under-desk workouts, and also to move up the stages as your fitness improves.

App Tracking Sportstech under desk elliptical trainerTrack Your Progress via an App

What makes the DFX100 elliptical stand out is the ability to synch with a smartphone app. This allows you to track your current session and keep track of your progress over time.

This low-impact (and anti-knee-knocking!) unit will count your steps on the integrated display – so a phone app is not required to enjoy using it.

Feedback: What Owners of the Sportstech / Fair Novelty DFX100 Under Desk Cross Trainer Said?

A lot of different people have provided positive feedback for this unit. They range from home workers, to people with different medical conditions and older users looking for some extra fitness activities.

It surprised me how many people compared it to under desk bikes (which can lead to you hitting your knees on the underneath of your desk if you get the wrong model). Some concerns on assembly were mentioned, though most people noted that this was easy enough. Times or 20 to 30 minutes were mentions.

App compatibility was a struggle for some users and did lead to some rants / less than positive comments.

When it came to the smoothness of the machine, people were hugely positive.

Wrapping Up: Is the Sportstech DFX100 Under Desk Elliptical Trainer Right for You?

There are two groups of people that would get the best from this unit.

First, workers that are sat at their desk for long periods. That movement can get the blood circulating and burn some calories while you work. Second, people returning to fitness who are after some low impact cardio that can be carried out in comfort. Older users were positive about this unit.

With Sportstech, you know you will get a quality unit. They are a huge German brand, known for quality products in multiple categories including treadmills and rowing machines as well as elliptical trainers.

Check out the close ups (and that cat!) along with the latest feedback. This under desk elliptical has already made a big difference to many people – it could be just the trick for that extra cardio while you work or watch TV.

Details and pictures are on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

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