Reebok ZR8 Exercise Bike Review

Reebok GB40 Bike Review

Update: The new GB series has been released by Reebok, and appears to have replaced the popular ZR8 bikes.

I love the GB50, which is lower priced, looks sharp and is super sturdy. If you are looking for a bike for the whole family, then make sure you check this model out.

Or you can check out the dedicated product page for yourself right here.

Summary: There are two aspects of the Reebok ZR8 Exercise Bike which stand out for me. First is the overall look and build of the bike. Most home exercise bikes are functional, this one has been designed… and it shows! Second is the console, which takes tracking and exercise programs to a new level. Sure, this bike is higher-end in price compared to a lot of bikes out there. You are getting a serious piece of equipment, from a manufacturer with a great reputation that will look amazing in any home gym (or spare room). Little surprise that the buyer feedback for this one has been excellent. You can check out the full spec, buyer feedback and more pictures over on the product page at

Reebok GB40 Exercise Bike
There are 32 levels of electronic resistance for you to choose from… more

Detailed Review of the Reebok ZR8 Exercise Bike

You will immediately notice how great this bike looks, it really will enhance any home gym without taking up the whole room. The 9 kg flywheel and 32 levels of resistance ensures a very smooth ride and quiet operation – the kind of quality you would expect from Reebok. What you get at this price level that you will never find on the budget models is computer controlled resistance. Instead of having to stop your workout and manually turn a knob to increase resistance, the colsole does this for you. This can be done as part of a pre-set training program, or manually by clicking a button.

The 12 training programs are excellent and challenge your body in a number of different ways including interval training, fat burning, cardio and more. In addition you’ll get a display of calories burned, speed, distance and pulse rate too. The LCD console is big enough to see all of these, or you can scroll between them if you wish.

The ZR8 Bike is adjustable (both saddle and handlebar positions) and has a 120kg maximum recommended weight (that is just short of 19 stone). One more feature which definitley deserves a mention is that the base has little wheels for moving the bike easily.

Feedback from Previous Buyers of the ZR8 Exercise Bike

A point which comes up repeatedly in the comments at is that this is a genuine step up from the foldable ‘budget’ end models. Some people use the (often misused!) term ‘gym quality’. The quietness was noticed by many commentors, as was the sturdiness. The main concern was the instruction book which comes with the bike – which left many users confused as to exactly how to put the bike together! This seems to have been easy enough, though Reebok will hopefully be taking note and working on an improved manual.

I have to say that this is an impressive bike for the price. If you are serious about quality and want a bike with a huge 32 resistance levels that will challenge the unfit and very-fit family members alike – then the ZR8 is recommended. You can find out more detail, and see the feedback from previous buyers for yourself over on the product page at


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