DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review

DKN Exercise Bike

DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review Summary: There are two stand out features of the DNK AM-E exercise bike. First the looks, it really is one stylish machine compared to many I have seen. The LED console is also excellent. The display, tracking and programs are well ahead of other home exercise bikes in this price bracket. Check out what previous buyers say about this exercise bike (hint: very positive reviews) and the solid discount on this dedicated product page over at now!

DKN AM-E Exercise Bike - Black
12 Pre-Set Programmes + User Mode, Target HR Mode and Watt Mode and exercise bike type is upright… more

Detailed Review of the DKN AM-E Exercise Bike

A well built, attractively styled, mid-budget exercise bike, designed to make getting fit easy and enjoyable.

The DKN AM-E is a solid exercise bike with a sleek black and grey design. It features a comfortable padded seat and pulse sensor handle bars, both of which can be adjusted to fit any size user.

DKN designed this with home gyms and beginners in mind. It’s compact with a low frame, making it easy to get on and off of. It’s also light compared to other mid-range home bikes. Weighing in at 34.5kg. This model has wheels at the front to make moving it easy and adjustable legs at the back so you can make sure the bike sits flat.

The on board computer really adds value to this exercise bike. There are 32 levels of resistance and 12 pre-set exercise programmes to choose from. Another great feature is the ability to set your desired heart rate. This machine will then automatically change the resistance level as you cycle, making sure you stay at the pre-set heart rate. For those serious about cardio workouts, this feature alone sets the machine apart from other models.

Keep in mind that some assembly is needed.

Pros and Cons of the AM-E Home Exercise Bike

The DKN AM-E is a flexible mid-range model. It has enough resistance to be suitable for those serious about getting fit. If you want a solid starter bike, then the easy levels are fine for beginners too.

It has less exercise programs and fitness test features that some other units in the same price range, but does have a wireless receiver. If you find handle grip pulse sensors unreliable you can use a chest strap (you need to buy one!) instead.

DNK AM-E Exercise Bie Review: Compact Design

If you’ve got limited space for exercise equipment you’ll appreciate the compact design and because it operates very quietly. While DKN is not a household name, it’s range of fitness products have a good reputation among users – the buyer feedback has been very positive for this model.

What Previous Buyers Said About the DKN AM-E Bike

Many reviewers have noted how easy the machine is to start using and the preset exercise programmes have been great at keeping casual users motivated. It’s compact size and the fact that it doesn’t make much noise has also been a plus point. While on the whole most people found it easy to put together, some people complained that the instructions weren’t so easy to follow which made things harder for some DIY novices.

Overall, the feedback is very positive when you compare this to the harsh treatment given to other similar priced home exercise bikes!

DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review: Summing Up / Next Steps

Most of DKN’s models are mid-range to top-end and the quality shows in this better value model.

Overall there’s lots to love about the AM-E exercise bike. It looks stylish and professional, feels great to ride and comes with all the features you need for an intensive workout every time. Check out the product page over at to see that buyer feedback and the latest discount for yourself.

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