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NordicTrack Commercial 11i Treadmill Review - Fitness Review

NordicTrack Commercial 11i Treadmill Review

Nordic Track 11i Treadmill Review

Summary: The Commercial 11i Treadmill from NordicTrack is more than just another gym-style machine with incline. This is an ‘Incline Trainer’. Instead of 10% to 15% tilt, the 11i gets you to a full 40%. If you have ever felt the burn (and results!) of an incline session, you will already know that this is a power-up for your workouts. Add in a touchscreen, reflex cushioning, a huge 20km / hour top speed and connection to iFit for group and individual training – and you will see why the 11i Treadmill is popular for home users as well as commercial gym owners.

You can see this model in action (plus shots of the iFit programme), along with the best available price, over on this dedicated page at BestGymEquipment.co.uk

NordicTrack Reviews 11i

Detailed Review of the Commercial 11i Treadmill from NordicTrack

Whether you call the 11i a treadmill or an incline trainer, you will immediately see that it is a big, powerful machine. Its overall weight is a huge 153 kilos. It is 179cms long, 100cms wide and 184 cms tall at the top of the console. For me, Nordic Track are generally cautious with their maximum user weight recommendations. For the Commercial 11i, they recommend 136kgs (that is 21.4 stone).

As with most Nordic Track fitness equipment, you are well covered by the warranty. You get 2 years for parts + labour after registering (this is required within 28 days). You also get a 10-year motor and lifetime frame warranty.

It will be delivered and installed to a ground-floor location (assuming there are no current global pandemics!).

Incline Training NordicTrack 11i

Sled Grips and Pull Bars

Before I cover the tech and spec in more detail – a note about the bars. The incline means that different supports are needed, compared to regular NordicTrack treadmills. This comes in the form of push bars (to lean into) and sled grips, which you hold on to from either side. These help to vary your routine – as well as providing stable points for the most intense parts of your workout.

NordicTrack Commercial 11i Treadmills: Spec

20km / hour is plenty fast enough for everyone but the speediest runners. For most of us, this is a sprint for short durations only. The 11i treadmill can be used at everything from a gentle walking pace to flat out. The motor contains some unique Nordic Track technology. This self-cools, and vibrates less – giving you smooth, predictable speed.

It is the incline which really sets this ‘Commercial’ range apart. Like the speed, you control this via a touchscreen. Standard 5%+ incline is used in many routines – though this model gives you up to 40% incline. You’ll be running up the steepest hill ever, and the calories burned will match the big effort needed.

Nordic Track’s own figures show that you burn more than 6 times the calories at 40% incline compared to 6%. Note that I have not verified these numbers, though intuitively they work.

Reflex cushioning is under the wide running surface. Instead of one big bouncy board (which you will find on budget treadmills), this is sprung to react to your impacts. If you have tried a recent Nordic Track treadmill yourself, you will already know that this is more comfortable than most – and quieter too.

Free iFit Subscription with NordicTrack TreadmillsTouch Screen Console and iFit Subscription

You get a 10-inch (tablet / iPad size) touch screen with the Commercial 11i. One owner of the 22i noted that a bigger screen is the main difference as you move up – and at a lower price point, the 11i is great value.

You can control the speed and incline, follow the usual session and personal stats, and even turn on the integrated fan with this control panel.

Best of all, you get a subscription to the personal training stream service iFit. This provides training, group runs and lets you run though some of the world’s major cities and beautiful scenery. You can add up to 4 profiles – making it work for the entire family.

Feedback: How Did Buyers of the NordicTrack Commercial 11i Treadmill Rate This Product?

Again, I’m discounting a lot of oddly similar unverified feedback from Amazon for this model. The use of dates, sentence structure and word selections and even use of caps are all strangely similar… reeks of either a competitor or disgruntled PT with a grudge! This feedback is almost identical in style to that left for several other types of NordicTrack equipment too…. Hmmm.

Overall, NordicTrack has a great reputation – for both quality and service. Individual positives for the 11i include the heavy, tough build and reflex cushioning. I see the ‘not too soft’ as a big plus, as there is nothing more waring than a treadmill that feels like running on soggy grass.

Feedback for the iFit using the Commercial Treadmill range is glowing – at 4.8 out of 5 on the official website.

Remember to check the latest scores and thoughts of buyers. This will tell you more about a product than any glossy marketing guide will.

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack 11i Commercial Treadmill Right for You?

This is an incline trainer with a spec that blows most treadmills out of the water. The Commercial 11i treadmill is a big machine, designed to stay in place. That incline of up to 40% is a killer feature, you will feel the burn at even half of this. With iFit, incline and one-touch controls, you can vary up your runs. Add a trainer, track your (hopefully improving) fitness, and virtually travel around the world for an enjoyable experience.

While the ‘Commercial’ models are more expensive than the S or CX treadmills from NordicTrack, you will get a machine which lasts for years. This type of investment will pay for itself many times over, both in terms of quality and versatility.

You can see the full technical spec, videos of this machine in use, plus information on the (included) iFit Subscription over on this page on the NordicTrack.co.uk website – check it out now!

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