NordicTrack UK Promotion Code

NordicTrack UK Promotion Code

Promotion Codes for Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Ellipticals, Gyms and Bikes from NordicTrack: November 2021

Update: The NordicTrack Black Friday sales are now on. Savings as big as 28% available. This is a ‘while stocks last’ offer covering treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and one rowing machine model – including the latest hightech releases.

Check out the Black Friday deals now on this page over at!


Whether you pay in one lump sum or take the 0% APR monthly option – you can save cash when you buy fitness equipment by using NordicTrack promotion codes.

This page covers the latest NordicTrack promotion code for UK residents. Every month, I work with NordicTrack to make sure you get the very best offers. The discount codes featured here are confirmed for November 2021.

The current deals on all exercise machines and the Vault or Fusion CST gyms (though not accessories) are a combination of free iFit membership plus a 3% instant discount at checkout.

Best November code = SAVE3NT

There are two super-important things to keep in mind:

  • The 3% with SAVE3NT only applies to machines that are not currently on sale. Good news is that the sale discounts are usually a lot more than 3%.
  • I strongly recommend you buy from the official NordicTrack store. While some older models are available only through 3rd parties, make sure you choose a long-running brand. If something does go wrong, you really want the after sales support to be the real deal!

In case there is any doubt – the official store is at – follow this link to ensure you get the best discounts!


November 2021 UK Promotion Code for NordicTrack

Get an instant 3%, 1-year of iFit membership (family or individual, depending on which machine you pick) with promotion code SAVE3NT

Here is where to use it:

Best Promo Code NordicTrack UK

Again, you need to go through the official UK NordicTrack store (not a 3rd party) to ensure you get the promo code benefit:

NordicTrack Products: Which Fitness Equipment Does This Promotion Code Work For?

The short answer is that SAVE3NT works for all equipment which is not currently discounted. You can only use one discount / promotion code, so if you are claiming a different offer, this one does not apply.

When you look at the models, the newest machines with the most up-to-date tech are not currently on sale. Legacy models (which are often every bit as good), are far more likely to have a sale discount at is already bigger than the 3%.

Below are the listings of the models which you can apply the November 2021 NordicTrack promotion code to for Mainland UK deliveries.

NordicTrack Promotion Code: Treadmills

Some good news, the latest NordicTrack treadmill models are amazing. You can apply discount code SAVE3NT to the brand new EXP 10i model, the fantastic incline series and to the commercial machines.

There are currently discounts on the older ‘S’ series models which are worth checking out.

This is the official link to the NordicTrack Treadmills page, use this in conjunction with promotion code SAVE3NT to make sure of your 3% discount, plus iFit membership combination.

NordicTrack Commercial x9i

Treadmill Models Overview:

  • EXP 10i: This is brand-new for 2021. It looks razor-sharp and has all the latest NordicTrack tech. With 40% incline, a 10-inch HD screen and the latest cushioning tech, the EXP 10i is this year’s must-have model. Check the gallery and spec via this link!
  • Incline Series Treadmills: There are three commercial grade models in this series. They are the X9i, X22i and X32i. As the screen size and motor get bigger, the price increases. You get family iFit and an amazing machine with the Incline treadmills. Check the gallery and options via this link!
  • Commercial Series: Think classic commercial gym looks for home use. These treadmills are big, comfortable, and packed with technology. Again, you get to choose your screen size as you move through the 1750, 2450 and 2950 models. See the classic looks and pricing options via this official link!
  • Exclusive Series: Legacy models have an advantage. They are better value than the latest treadmills, and just as good. Some have LCD screens. You can use your own iPad / Tablet to use the free iFit. Models are the C700, S25i and top-end S45i. See the options and close-ups on this official page at
  • T-Series: These treadmills are budget options, though hit the cheaper ‘no brand’ treadmills out of the park. They are the most likely to have discounts. If not, then SAVE3NT is your go-to promotion code. Check the T7.5s and T9.5s now, over on this product page.

All these treadmills have a discount with NordicTrack promotion code SAVE3NT.

Whether you get a single user or family iFit subscription with your treadmill depends on which model you choose. As a rule, the higher-end models have family iFit membership, and the cheaper end gets you a 1-person account.

The GX 4.6 Pro Upright from NordicTrack

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes:

You can use SAVE3NT with everything from high-tech studio bikes to the simple (yet effective!) uprights. Here are the ranges, starting with the newest / commercial models.

  • Commercial Studio Cycles: These bikes are the models used for group training classes at your local gym. They have sharp angles, like a Peloton with classic NordicTrack style. The free iFit works through big HD screens, with both incline and decline options. Pick from the S15i and S22i. See this official page at for the gallery and options.
  • Classic Series Exercise Bikes: Upright models which are comfortable, easy to use and packed with technology. You can choose the (more expensive) GX4.6 Pro for a built-in HD screen or go for the GX2.7U or GX4.4 Pro and use your own tablet / iPad. A cost-effective way to enjoy NordicTrack and iFit. Check out the gallery and options on this page now!
  • Recumbent Series: Only a single model in the recumbent series is available at the moment. This is the impressive Commercial VR21. You get an amazing sit-back bike, which works you every bit as hard as an upright, with that extra comfort. Check out the unique good looks now over on this product page.
  • Racing Series: Again, only one bike in this series. It has studio bike looks, without the huge price tag of the Commercial Studio cycles. Even better, you can tip it up and move it around after your workout. A solid racing style bike at a solid price point. See this page for the full gallery.

Remember that promotion code SAVE3NT – why waste cash at checkout!

This official link takes you to the main exercise bike page at – see all the options and discounts now!

FreeStride FS14i Elliptical Trainer from NordicTrack

NordicTrack Elliptical Trainers:

The top of the range FreeStride trainers will take your breath away in more ways than one. You can use SAVE3NT with all non-discounted elliptical trainers from NordicTrack and enjoy that 3% discount as well as free iFit membership for a year. Your options are below:

  • FreeStride Series: These amazing ellipticals include stepper and treadmill options. They are big, beautifully styled and have HD screens. Pick from the FS7i, FS10i and FS14i (bigger screens, better tech). You get digitally controlled incline, decline and stride length that your remote trainer can change in real time. See the impressive gallery on this page.
  • Front Drive Series: These ellipticals look more traditional compared to the FreeStride models. They have a smaller footprint, making them perfect for home use. Again, the iFit and smooth action are killer features. Check out the 9.9 and 14.9 ellipticals on this official page over at now!
  • Rear Drive Series: For NordicTrack equipment on a budget that will last for years, the rear-drive ellipticals tick all the boxes. You will need your own tablet / iPad to enjoy the iFit, though the resistance is flexible enough for all fitness levels. See the SE3i and SE7i galleries for more info.

One more reminder – use an official link and apply NordicTrack November 2021 promotion code SAVE3NT to get your discount at checkout.

Here is the official link to the elliptical cross trainers main page over at – check it out now!

NordicTrack Rowing Machine RW850

NordicTrack Rowing Machines:

The rower line-up is changing (for the better) at NordicTrack. You can enjoy crystal clear scenery and iFit trainer-led workouts on the newest models. If there are no sales on, then the best promo code is SAVE3NT, this will get you an instant 3% off at checkout.

Rowing Machine Models:

  • RW900: Top of the range, this rower has a beautiful 22-inch screen. It also features dual resistance controls, with a mix of digital and air resistance. This means you can work out while your trainer remotely adjusts the resistance and add a little more (or less) yourself. Check out the gallery for this amazing rowing machine on this NordicTrack product page.
  • RW700: Brand new for 2021, the RW700 features a rotating HD screen. This lets you enjoy training while rowing, then jump off for floor exercises as part of the same program. Again, dual resistance gives you extra flexibility. See the RW700 product page here.
  • RW600: Somehow the numbers got jumbled, with the 600 costing more than the 800. You get a HD screen, amazing NordicTrack technology and a long warranty for less than a grand with this model. That extra 3% will make all the difference! See this page for the impressive gallery and spec now.
  • RX800: No HD monitor this time, though you can use your own tablet or iPad to enjoy iFit training. This rower has design points which the other lack, I love the orange front legs. Dual resistance, solid build, and NordicTrack quality. See this page for the pictures.

Here is the official link to the NordicTrack rowing machines page – check it out now!

NordicTrack VaultPromotion Code for the NordicTrack Vault

You can use SAVE3NT with the amazing Vault – a training system behind a mirrored cabinet that offers interactive ‘reflective’ training.

See the Vault on this dedicated NordicTrack product page now!


Fusion CSTPromotion Code for the NordicTrack Fusion CST

You can use SAVE3NT at checkout to get a 3% discount on the Fusion CST. This is a high-tech resistance training gym, which comes with a HD screen for interactive training sessions.

This amazing machine is the next generation of home multi-gyms. Check out the details and gallery over at now!

Wrapping Up: Best NordicTrack Discount Promotion Code November 2021

Promo Code SAVE3NT works with all machines / gyms which are not already discounted via a sale or alternative promotion. Make sure you use an official NordicTrack link before you apply this to be sure you get the reduction.

Whether you buy a treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine or exercise bike – promo code SAVE3NT will save you cash.

Now, head to NordicTrack via this official link, and claim your discount!