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Nero Pro Bluetooth Treadmill Review - Social Home Running, Budget Price

Nero Pro Treadmill with Bluetooth Review

Nero Pro Bluetooth Treadmill

Summary: The Nero Pro Bluetooth treadmill allows you to run while following Google Maps on your tablet or iPad. This uses the Nero App, which you get along with your purchase. This is a smaller home treadmill. Even setting aside the buyers who expected something they see in the gym for less than £300, it is smaller than your average home model. With 3 incline levels and the ability to vary your programs, this model is an effective choice for light exercise – with the tablet screen a big plus.

Feedback for this treadmill is very positive compared to others in this price range.

Check out the feedback, close ups of the console and latest price now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!

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Detailed Review of the Bluetooth Nero Pro Treadmill

You’ll get a compact frame, which is finished in a smart black and grey design. It measures 126cms long, 60cms wide and 120cms tall when set up. With a weight of just 24kgs, the Nero Pro is easy enough to wheel around (two small wheels to the front). It will fold up, which is a big plus for those of us without dedicated running space.

The Nero Pro has a top speed of 10km / hour. This is fine for most casual exercise. For ‘serious’ runners, I recommend something that goes up to at least 12km / hour. There are 3 incline levels, which will make a big difference to the intensity of your run.

Construction is steel, with extras like (short) safety arms and a small bottle holder as standard.

Of course, the key reason to choose the Nero Pro is the iPad / Tablet holder. This is directly under the computer console and works for both bigger and smaller tablets.

Nero Pro Treadmill Computer Console and Programs

With big, clear numbers the console looks more basic than it really is. There are plenty of buttons for this model – so you will not need to scroll through too many fiddly menus while you are exercising.

5 buttons below the display give you ‘quick start’ options. These are between 2km and 10km. You can also opt to use this treadmill manually, setting the speed as you go. If you like to vary up your workouts there are 12 different interval options (speed up, slow down in different ‘shapes’ for cardio fitness).

The display scrolls between distance, calories, time and speed – giving you a full overview of your progress. There is a safety clip. You attach this to your clothing and plug in a key. If you should slip, the key pops out, automatically stopping the belt.

App for Nero Pro Treadmill

Nero Pro Bluetooth App with Google Maps Integration

Displaying your run overlaid on any number of maps around the world is the key difference between the Bluetooth Nero Pro and a lot of similar size / quality treadmills.

There are apps for Android devices and iPads. Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll be able to connect with the console. This lets you track your run via your iPad, and show ‘tracks’ from around the world. You can also interact with other Nero App users. This can be by running together on the same roads on the map – or more competitively if you wish.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Nero Pro Bluetooth Treadmill?

While the feedback is positive overall, there is a wider spread of opinion than for many models. I get the impression that older / more casual users were happier with this treadmill than keener runners.

Comments about the size of any treadmill need to be taken with a grain of salt. Many people expect a home model to resemble that £2000+ NordicTrack from their local gym. This will never be the case – though keep in mind that the Nero Pro is on the small side for a home running machine.

Ease of assembly did come in for some praise. This backs up the manufacturers claim that this model comes 99% assembled. Rattles were mentioned, I recommend a rubber matt for those (whichever treadmill you end up with!).

Overall, a lot more delighted buyers than grumpy ones this time – as long as you fully understand that this is a small treadmill with some advanced tech, I see no reason why you can’t be one of the 5-star reviewers too.

Wrapping Up: Should You Buy the Bluetooth Nero Pro Home Treadmill?

If you like the idea of running along roads on your iPad or Tablet (either alone or in a ‘race’ with other users) and don’t mind a smaller 10km / hour model – then the Nero Pro could well be for you.

There are 3 levels of incline, 12 pre-set programs, bottle holders and the ability to fold flat to store upright. You’ll get a lightweight steel construction and a smart though simple design.

Best of all – you can choose roads from around the world, so your runs will never be boring again!

Check out the latest price, full gallery and feedback from previous buyers for yourself right now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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