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JLL T350 Digital Treadmill Review - Fitness Review

JLL T350 Digital Treadmill Review

JLL T350 Treadmill Review

Summary: It is easy to throw the word ‘Digital’ into the name of a treadmill. What JLL has done with the T350 does deserve this. You’ll get Bluetooth, a USB port and tracker / monitors compatibility – and that is before we get to the versatile electronic console. This is a premium treadmill compared to many home models. As with the other fitness equipment from JLL, you’ll find that the price point is decidedly mid-range for the spec you’ll get.

With a 2 year all parts and labour warranty, you can be sure that the JLL T350 Treadmill will not let you down.

Check out the full gallery, and detailed feedback from people that already own one over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2022 New Generation Digital Control 4.5HP Motor, 20 Incline Levels,0.3km/h to 18km/h, 20 Programmes, Bluetooth & Speakers, 2-Year Parts&Labour,5-Year Motor Cover
This treadmill is a step ahead of its rivals with a 5” LCD display, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 20 programs and 20 level incline… more

Detailed Review of the JLL T350 Digital Treadmill

This treadmill is certainly bigger than a rattly budget models you’ll find. It weighs in at 59kgs and is 158cm x 128cm x 70cms. It does have wheels to reposition it and it will fold onto a ‘z’ format for storage between uses.

There is only one design – a smart black with distinctive orange trim.

You’ll see from the picture that the base is separated from the arms parallel with the floor at the front. This is how the incline function works. The T350 has 20 levels of incline. If you are an experienced treadmill runner, you’ll already know what a big difference this can make to the intensity of your running session.

The arms of the console are long, providing added safety and balancing the oversized console. Feedback suggests that the running surface is plenty wide enough for taller runners. The max user weight is 120kgs (that is more than 18 stone in ‘old money’).

Features: What Makes this JLL Treadmill Different?

Console JLL T350 Running MachineCompared to many home treadmills, the JLL T350 treadmill packs a punch. It has a 4.5 horse power engine. This gives a top speed of 18km / hour. That is more than enough for even the most experienced / fittest of runners. Of course, things start slow, you can set this machine for a gentle walk too.

A big plus is the cushioned running surface. This works on a 16-point system, covering the important impact areas. If you have ever used a cheap treadmill without a cushioning system, you’ll know how important this is in the longer term.

Incline is electronically powered. This is important as it means you don’t have to stop and readjust for different incline levels half way through a running session.

Some assembly is required, it is possible to order this when you buy the treadmill.

Console: Electronics for the JLL T350

The 5.5-inch backlit display has plenty of room for all the key stats at once. This will show all the usual measurements: time, speed, distance, heart rate and an estimate of the calories burned. Big clear coloured buttons make it easy to adjust things while you are running. You can choose from 20 different pre-set programmes or adjust things manually as you go.

There are speakers built in. You can play your own music using either the USB interface, or via Bluetooth. You can even charge your phone while you run.

Feedback for the JLL T350 Digital Treadmill: What Owners Say

Very positive feedback came as no surprise for anyone in the fitness industry. JLL have been hitting the sweet spot between quality and value for a long time (with bikes, rowers and treadmills).

The word ‘premium’ came up repeatedly. As did the word ‘quality’. One person had problems assembling, though others said this was straightforward for 2 people. With very little in the way of negative feedback, the buyers of this model are very satisfied overall.

Wrapping Up: Is this Mid-Priced Home Treadmill Right for You?

It looks like JLL have done it again with the T350 Digital Treadmill. They have hit that sweet spot by producing a high-spec item and keeping the price point firmly in the mid-range.

You’ll get a lot of treadmill for your money. All the key ‘pro’ points are covered. These include the cushioned running surface, incline, big top speed, console with multiple options and backlit screen, device compatibility and wheels / folding ability.

Do check the full gallery, and that all-important feedback from previous buyers.

Check out this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page for the JLL T350 now!


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