Quick Guide to the UK National Fitness Day

Quick-Fire Guide to the UK National Fitness Day and How You Can Get Involved

National Fitness day returns on Wednesday the 26th of September 2018. This is a high-profile national bid to promote a fitter, healthier lifestyle. It is organised by the non-profit UK Active.

This page covers the different aspects of National Fitness Day. You’ll find information on what the day involves, how to register an event – and highlights of the events already running below. This includes the different social media aspects.

There are links to the main websites and social media below, where you will find a lot more information.

What Is National Fitness Day?

By picking a single day and making this a high-profile media event, National Fitness Day will get people active. Even the small step of getting people to think about how their current health could be improved by engaging in fitness will help a lot of people. It is also an opportunity to try out new activities (mostly for free), socialize and to encourage friends and family to do the same.

Events are run on a local and national level. There are organisations and gyms involved. These range from walks and bike-rides, to opportunities to try new activities you might have always wanted to experience.

The social media aspects are important. These show stories of people that transformed their life through fitness. This gives people another way to get involved in the festivities.

Who Are UK Active?

A national non-profit called UK Active are organising this event. Along with their strategic partners, this org promotes healthier and more active lifestyles for everyone in the UK. You can become a member of UK Active, though this is not needed to get involved in National Fitness Day.

I do recommend that you keep an eye on their website (link at the bottom with the others), as there are a lot of events running throughout the year.

What Kind of Events Can I Expect to See on National Fitness Day?

With thousands of events running, it is more a matter of picking those activities which suit you best than searching a few options.

Events include bike rides, walks, open-air fitness classes in town centres, runs and rambles, a chance to try out new gym classes, wall climbing, cross-fit, yoga, ‘plank-offs’ and swimming. You’ll get to share the experience with others – many of which will be new to fitness / active lifestyle.

There is also an educational component to National Fitness Day. You can find out about how your food and lifestyle choices affect your health, and even share your own ideas via the social media channels.

Fitness day

Social Media / Hashtags for National Fitness Day

To help you share experiences and find events, UK Active have created 3 different hashtags for social media.

#FitnessDay – This is the main one for the event, you can share details with your friends and colleagues using this tag. If you are running an event, remember to include this in the summary. This will allow others looking for things to join to find you.

#Fitness2Me – This one is to share your thoughts, journey and favourite activities. The idea is to write down on paper what fitness means to you. You then take a photo or short (60-second) video and share this via social media. Don’t worry if you don’t personally have one of those ‘lost 10 stone; messages, the more voices the better!

@FitnessDayUK – This one is for twitter. If you use this tag in any messages (either events or Fitness 2 Me), then the team at UK Active will see it. They are already sharing the best, and I’m sure the pace of these will increase as the day gets closer.

Summing Up / Links:

If you are looking for the perfect time to try out some new activities, or just get going on a fitter, healthier lifestyle, then National Fitness Day is the perfect time.

There is no need to wait until the 26th September. There are plenty of ways to get started (virtually and physically) right now.

Here are the key links to find out more and start searching for events near you!

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