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JTX Slimline Folding Treadmill Review - Fitness Review

JTX Slimline Folding Treadmill Review

JTX Slimline Folding Treadmill Review

Summary: The JTX Slimline Flat Folding treadmill is a quality mid-priced machine, which solves the problem of sturdiness vs folding. As you go up the quality rankings, the treadmills are bigger and so less likely to fold up. The JTX Slimline folds in a completely upright position – and has a full feature set including incline, programmable console and heart rate monitor. At the time of writing this comes with a healthy discount at amazon.co.uk too – check this out (along with the feedback from current owners) on the product page here.

Detailed Review of the JTX Slimline Folding Treadmill

JTX are better known for their commercial fitness equipment, which explains why you get so much tech in their home models. If you have compared some of the upper end treadmills with the mid-price models, you’ll soon see that the more you spend, the bigger your machine!

For those of us with more limited space, who also want a quality treadmill – this is frustrating.

The JTX slimline solves this issue – the spec is excellent, and it folds vertically (you can see a picture of it folded on the amazon product page).

Spec-wise, you’ll get a good sized running surface which includes 8 point shock suspension. This will help minimise jolts to your joints, making for more comfortable running. The top speed is 14km / hour – which is more than enough for all but the keenest / fastest runners. The maximum user weight is just over 17 stone (110kgs). There are 15 levels of incline, which can help keep your runs both challenging and varied.

The computer console is large, and includes a dial for changing your speed + integrated pulse sensors + the usual speed, distance and calories burnt. There are 6 preset programs and 1 custom option too. The JTX slimline has integrated speakers too.

What Current Owners Say About The JTX Slimline Folding Treadmill

At the time of writing 43 out of 44 comments at amazon.co.uk are 4 or 5 stars. That is pretty amazing compared to other machines in this category! The 2 star feedback owner could not find a floor in her house suitable for it… I feel that a rubber mat could well have solved here issue.

A lot of owners love their machine, and it gets compliments from everyone from older (sedentary) users through to the tall son of one buyer (whose cat also used it!). Quietness and the good spec for the money come in for praise several times.

Summing Up

As long as the current amazon.co.uk discount holds up, this treadmill hits the sweet spot between quality, specification and the ability to fold away. Many treadmills with this kind of functionality are very big and more or less static once set up. If you’d like the flexibility to move your treadmill, and still demand a great feature set – then the JTX Folding Treadmill makes a great choice.

Check out the amazon.co.uk product page for the latest comments and to see that huge discount!

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