SportsTech Deskfit DFT200 Under Desk Treadmill Review

SportsTech Under Desk Treadmill

Summary: I’ll have to promise not to over-use ‘German Engineering’ in this review of the SportsTech Deskfit DFT200 desk treadmill. This company have a big reputation for their quality equipment. Under-desk treadmills are a side-product. They create both mid-range and high-end treadmills, bikes and vibration exercisers.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Deskfit is the good looks. This model is designed as an under-desk walker… not a regular treadmill with the consoles and arms ripped out like you’ll get from other makers. It can be controlled through an app (you’ll need to supply the tablet for this) on your desk. With a top speed of 7.1km / hour this will let you walk fast, though is not really for running on.

Check out the 3 wood finishes and curved lines of the SportsTech DFT200 on this dedicated product page now.

DESKFIT Treadmill for Desk - Fit & Healthy in the Office & at Home | Exercise & Ergonomic Working | Very quiet & easy to store | Incl. practical tablet holder, Remote control + App | DFT200
Use our DFT200 to go for a relaxing stroll while you’re working or use it as a professional treadmill with a speed of up to 7.1 km/h. Change your office routine!….. more

Detailed Review of the SportsTech Deskfit DFT200 Under Desk Treadmill

You’ll get a single unit, with no assembly required. This looks like a flatter treadmill, lacking the usual gap between the unit and the floor. You will also notice the curves. The back looks like it is themed on some futuristic car. There are 3 colours, all of which come with a wood finish. These are silver, dark brown, and light brown (which looks most like a natural wooden finish).

At the front is an arched control panel. You won’t look at this frequently, as the main ‘console’ involves a tablet / iPad which you’ll need to get separately. There is a stand for this, and optional arm attachment for the treadmill. That would allow you to use it as a regular, albeit slow, treadmill instead of as the under-desk unit.

Performance and Health Benefits

With a top speed of only 7.1km, only short-legged users will get close to jogging. The DFT200 is designed to get you walking while you work. An increasing body of science shows that sitting down for long periods is unhealthy. And that moving beats simply standing hands-down. This is even the case for people who exercise regularly (for example in the evenings).

What the DFT200 from SportsTech will do is get you moving while you work. You can start things very slowly, with the first level being just 1km / hour. That gentle stroll will have outsized benefits, not only are you burning a couple more calories, you are no longer sitting down. Obviously, this under-desk treadmill works best with a height-adjustable desk (not supplied).

 What Makes the SportsTech DeskFit DFT200 Different?

A different way to ask this question is ‘what makes the DFT200 worth the extra money?’ (compared to some of the cheaper models). Three things to work with here:

  • Quiet: On a regular treadmill (even one without arms), you are running, making noise less of an issue. With this SportsTech one, the quality ensures a quiet operation.
  • Bluetooth: Connect with your tablet, pop it on the stand, and you can see your stats covering time, distance, speed and quality on display. You can also control the treadmill from this tablet.
  • Quality: SportsTech have a big reputation for quality, not only do they offer a straightforward 1-year guarantee, their equipment is designed in Germany (you know, German Engineering!).

Feedback: What Buyers Have Said About the SportsTech Under-Desk Treadmills?

Two words came us repeatedly from different buyers. One was ‘quality’. This can be found on many SportsTech products – check the feedback for their treadmills and bikes and you’ll quickly confirm. The other word was ‘quiet’. For a treadmill that will be used while you are working, this is more important than you might imagine.

Overall, the feedback is very positive. Tellingly, not a single piece of feedback (at the time of writing at least) mentions broken parts, issues with noise or any of the electronic components at all.

Wrapping Up: How Does the SportsTech Under-Desk Treadmill Compare?

If you are after a desk treadmill with a quality build and quiet action, then the SportsTech DFT200 ticks all the right boxes. The only thing you’ll need is your own tablet. This fits in a holder on your desk, giving you control of the unit.

Compared to other under-desk treadmills, this unit looks amazing. Curves make the design distinctive, and all of the wood-effect finishes make these treadmills stand out.

Check out the full gallery and that all-important feedback on this dedicated product page now!

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