JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer Review

JTX Hill Stride

Update: This model has been replaced by JTX. The new ellipical is even more impressive – this is the JTX Strider X7. At the time of writing it has accumulated some very favourable reviews on amazon.co.uk too. Check out the dedicated product page here – alternatively you can read my review.

Large colour touch screen console. 21 programs including heart rate control, hill, interval or fat burning….. more

Summary: The JTX Hill Stride Elliptical Cross Trainer is an upper price range model with a list of features that make all the budget models look like children’s toys! This has a long stride length, super-quiet and smooth action and all the tech you’ll ever need. Very good user feedback for this model, and a decent amazon.co.uk discount too – check out the product page for the latest deal over at amazon.co.uk.

Detailed Review of the JTX Hill Stride Incline Cross Trainer

The JTX Hill-Stride: Incline Cross Trainer combines lower and upper body to give a full body workout, including arms and cardio. There are many in its class but this one stands out because of its build, design and ability to cater to even the most demanding users. Unlike the Home Elliptical Cross trainer CT100, this one can offer high impact workouts and can be a great replacement to the former after your body gets used to it.

This piece of fitness equipment is suitable for anyone wishing to keep fit without ever having to leave the house, which is possible because you only need 1.5m by 1m in floor area. And when you’re done, transportation wheels let you easily cart it away, which is important because you don’t want to carry its 71kg weight around. The gym will give you an authentic walking feeling with the 18-inch stride length, and the firm treads give you a realistic foot-on-the-ground feel secure with non-slip qualities.

Track Progress

You can also track your progress and keep to a required schedule thanks to the computerized display on the console; with it you can monitor your time, distance, speed and even calorie count. For heart rate monitoring, a separate chest strap is included to help with that. Because you will be at home, how will you know what to do? Don’t worry, no need to hire a gym instructor, 12 workout programmes are fed into the computer for burning fat, cardio, toning, basically, it will help you achieve what you desire.

It is a beautiful machine with an excellent design, and the materials are there to last. Then there are other hidden features like the inclining running platform, which simulates an uphill run. Simply alternate between three levels of incline and you could target specific areas you need to work on. I absolutely love this cross trainer, even though it’s a bit pricey, but it’s the cost of quality. And with that price you get a 28-day money back guarantee, not that you need it, and the delivery includes actual installation in your home.

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