JLL Sonic 1 Air Bike Review

JLL Sonic 1 Air Bike

Summary: The Sonic 1 Air Bike is a welcome (if delayed) addition to the impressive JLL exercise bikes range. They have a great reputation for recumbent and upright bikes in the mid-budget price range. This air bike adds the solid build, quality electronics and design flair – and adds a huge fan wheel. The result is a bike which will immediately appeal to fans of this format. People like me, who normally stick with upright / studio style models, will surely be tempted to make the switch.

You can see the close-ups, which show you how the giant wheel of the Sonic 1 delivers smooth resistance, over on this dedicated product page at the JLL store at – check it out now!

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Detailed Review of the JLL Sonic 1 Air Bike

You get a bigger, sturdier machine than with the upright bikes from JLL. This home exercise bike weighs in at more than 53kgs. It is 139cm long, 67cm wide and 124cms tall. Check out the bars underneath. They are wider than most exercise bikes use – giving you plenty of stability while you get the most from the fan assisted resistance.

The saddle can be adjusted easily. This slides back and forward and moves up and down at an angle.

Build quality and small extras include a 3-piece crank – just like on a real bike. The pedals are close to the look of a regular pushbike, only noticeably bigger. There are wheels on the bars on the front. This allows you to tip your air bike up to move it around.

Air Bike Action with the Sonic 1

Air bikes combine cycling with the action of an elliptical trainer.

The resistance never changes, as it is controlled by the angle of the fins on the fan. Not only do you get predictable resistance, it will not gradually fade like you get with cheaper magnetic resistance bikes or belt-driven ones.

Handlebars are not fixed on air bikes. They move forward and back like the arms on elliptical cross trainers. This gives your arms a workout at the same time as your legs. Same time working out, extra effort and more muscle groups = better cardio and more calories burned.

Electronic Monitor Options on the JLL Sonic 1 Air Bike

Premium Monitor Sonic 1 BikeJLL call this a ‘premium display’. It is an LCD screen which is black and white. What is premium about it is the road view on the top, with a small icon showing someone on a bike. You control the functions via a dial, with buttons to set things once you find the right place.

All the numbers get displayed. They are time, speed, distance, watts, calories, RPM. What makes this display different is that you can input your age, gender, and height / weight information – which will make the readouts more accurate.

This is a fully functional display, that allows you to use this air bike fully. You can also connect the iConsole app, giving you a lot more training / tracking options.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the JLL Sonic 1 Bikes Have to Say?

This is a newer model, so there is not yet the large amount of feedback that most JLL exercise bikes enjoy. The people that did leave comments were generally very positive. Even the dreaded assembly did not cause any major problems this time around. A couple of comments warn taller users to be careful. One was 6’1” and one 6’3” – with both suggesting that people any taller might not be comfortable.

Quality came up a few times – this ties in well with other JLL products. Both the quality and the (UK-based) customer service always get positive mentions in their established product lines. Make sure you do check out the latest feedback, even the best home fitness equipment producers can sometimes fall short.

Wrapping Up: Is the Sonic 1 Air Bike from JLL Right for You?

Air bikes are becoming a must-have for home fitness enthusiasts. It is easy to see why. After all, regular bikes leave your arms (literally) hanging. By adding in the elliptical like movement, you can use the time more effectively – burning extra calories.

With the smooth fan / air resistance, this bike will last for years and years. Add in the console with all the key stats, and the ability to input your own details for more accurate readouts, and you have a solid contender.

Better still, this air bike has a keen price point compared to many commercial models.

JLL are known for solid mid-budget products, great service, and a real UK presence.

I can see the Sonic 1 Air Bike becoming a category best-seller – check out those close ups and read the latest real feedback from buyers for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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