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Getting the Most from Your Fitbit - Fitness Review

Are You Optimising Your Fitbit for Health and Fitness?

Optimising Your Fitbit

Millions of Fitbit owners are missing out on easy functions which will boost their fitness.

We all start with the best intentions, though it is so easy to get in the habit of checking steps, calories burned and time active and leave it at that. Just a few more clicks will unlock the biggest benefits. You will feel the difference after only a few days.

This page lists the quick-wins that every Fitbit user should be using – in an easy-to-follow format.

Beyond Calories Burned: Getting the Best from Your Fitbit

My recommendation is to add these powerful extra benefits one at a time. Skim through the list, then pick your favourites and start enjoying the benefits today. If you bookmark this page, you can give yourself an extra boost by returning later and adding an extra function or two.

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Simple Tricks: Big Benefits – Try These Fitbit Functions First

Setting Goals on Your Fitbit:

A great way to keep motivated on your fitness journey is to set specific goals. This can be done quickly and easily on the Fitbit app. Tap accounts and then scroll until you see activity goals. At this point you find a list that will include your number of steps, the distance travelled, calories burned, active minutes and more. Having set your goal, you can track it easily on your dashboard. These goals can be edited at any time – changing your targets or setting new goals is as simple as setting them in the first place.

Enable Move Reminders:

One of the aims when you wear a Fitbit is to ensure that you take at least 250 steps every hour. It’s very easy to get stuck into your work or other activity and simply forget. With a Fitbit you can set it up to send you reminders to get on your feet. Tap on the activity tracker and choose ‘Reminders to Move’. Here you can set it to remind you to take those steps up to 14 hours per day.

Synch Your Fitbit

Adding Your Favourite Exercises:

This is a useful option allowing you to navigate to your favourite exercises quickly and easily. Tap ‘account’, select your device, and then scroll through until you see the exercise tab. Here you find the option to add your favourites. In this exercise section you find a full breakdown of all of the exercises you’ve done, making it easy to track your progress.

Fitbit Trophy and Badge Collections:

It’s always good to earn an award and a Fitbit is excellent at handing out trophies and badges. For example, you might have earned a trophy for hitting a certain number of steps in a week or a month. To check your awards, tap on ‘Badges and Trophies’ and you will see all of your achievements so far. Better still, you can also share your achievements with others.

Setting a Food Plan:

Using a Fitbit food plan can help you achieve your weight goals. To start a food plan, under goals tap Nutrition and Body. Then under Nutrition you find the option to start a food plan. Each time you eat, you can add it to your account. Adding your food intake will allow the Fitbit to record the calories more accurately via the calories in / calories out ratio.

Fitbit can Monitor Your Sleep:

Most of today’s Fitbit watches and bracelets will monitor your sleep when you wear them overnight. Scroll down to the sleep section on the ‘Today’ tab. You now see a history of your sleep and tapping on an individual day will also bring up a sleep graph, as well as a score. You can also set sleep goals and reminders. For example, you can tell your Fitbit to tell you to go to bed at a certain time.

Sleep Monitoring Fitbit

Control Music Through Your Fitbit:

To control music through your Fitbit, ensure that it is connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Having started to play music through your device, whether through Spotify, Apple Music, or another popular service, you will be able to skip songs, shuffle and increase/decrease the volume. A lively tune during your workout can keep you moving. If you do have headphones, remember not to sing along.

Connections with Fitness Apps:

There are 100’s of third-party apps that you can connect to your Fitbit. Popular examples are MyFitnessPal, Strava and RunKeeper. These apps will communicate directly with your Fitbit app, ensuring any exercise is tracked fully on both the dedicated app and your Fitbit. You can see a list of all of the compatible apps tap on the account icon, and then tap through Third Party apps and then Compatible apps.

Getting the Most from your Fitbit – Get Started Now!

When you see the extra benefits from these Fitbit functions, you will quickly realise why those cheap ‘clones’ are missing key technology. Whether you expand your Fitbit options to diet and sleep, or just get the best from its ability to track your favourite type of exercise, there are options for you.


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