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Common Excuses to Avoid Working Out - Fitness Review

Common Excuses to Avoid Working Out

Excuses to Avoid Working Out

…And What to do About Them

Everybody loves the thought of working out and the benefits that it will bring. However, there is a big gap between the intention to work out and the actual act of working out for many people. Most of us make excuses not to work out at some point down the line. In reality they are not really excuses at all.

On this page you will find the most common excuses used for getting out of a workout. As well as a series of solutions to ensure you get your body moving.

Common Workout Excuses

‘I Simply Don’t Have Time to Work Out’

The modern lifestyle can be hectic. Especially if you have both a job and children. And there will be times when you feel you just can’t find the time to commit to exercise.

If you find yourself in this situation, it might be time to move things around in your work/life balance. Take a look at your schedule and think about how you can fit exercise in.

Maybe take a walk in your lunch break or multi-task by walking when engaged in a phone call or walk/run on the spot when watching TV. If you have children, involve them in your exercise. With young children, go for that extra brisk walk with them in the pram, or if older, do exercises together – run, swim or cycle together. Even if you can only find 10 minutes a day at first, do it. Once you get into that routine, you might find it easier to extend that to 15, 20 or 30 minutes a day (or even longer).

Boring Workouts?

‘I Find Exercise Boring’

Yes, it’s true, some exercise routines can be boring. We all like different things, so you will find that some of the exercises other people enjoy, you just won’t.

The easiest solution to this is to find a form of exercise that does excite you. There is an exercise out there that is right for you. Some might enjoy running on a treadmill or outdoors, others cycling, others more modern sports such as skateboarding. Some individuals will enjoy something more sedentary such as gardening. Whatever exercise you choose, there are ways to make them more interesting. For example, if you’re running or walking, you can listen to a music or a podcast, which adds to the variety of the workout. Another way of making exercise less boring is to team up with a partner. If you and a friend both feel the same way, pair up, find something you enjoy and do it.

Too Tired to Exercise

‘I’m Feeling too Tired to Exercise’

Although exercise can be tiring, this excuse is something of a paradox, as regular exercise will boost your energy levels and make you less tired.

The first solution to this is to simply just do it. Get out there and exercise and you’ll feel the boost from it and you’ll feel better for it. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Gently increase the intensity of workouts over time and you receive a continual benefit from your exercise.

It can help ensuring you have a good sleep pattern, as tiredness can be attributed to not enough sleep (if you’re one of those ‘I get by on 5 hours sleep a night’ people, there might be your problem). Also look at exercising at the times of day that you feel most energetic. For many this will be in the morning, or at lunchtime.

Embarrased in the Gym

‘I’m Too Embarrassed to Exercise’

Some will feel self-conscious about exercising, so self-conscious that it actually stops them working out in the first place.

At first, if you’re feeling this way, aim to workout in the comfort of your own home. An exercise bike can be an ideal solution for this, or you can go further and install a home treadmill or weights gym. Another way to stop you feeling this way is to exercise with friends. Personal trainers can also be an option, who will aid you in getting fit.

Some might feel self-conscious about going to the gym for the first time. This is perfectly natural and an emotion that pretty much everyone goes through. The good news is that all gyms do induction courses, where you’ll be taught exactly how all the equipment works. You could also sign up to the gym with a friend, which will make it more of an adventure, where you’re both in it together. You also have to consider that people at the gym will be paying you no attention, as they’ll be focused on their own exercises.

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