Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt Review

Bracoo Waist Trimmer Belt

Summary: The Bracoo waist trimmer belt works by letting your stomach area heat up more than usual during exercise. This belt fits snuggly around your waist, exerting uniform pressure. There is a lot of positive feedback – with buyers happy with the results as well as praising the belt as easy to use. At the time of writing there is a big discount at too. You can see the latest offer (and the full picture gallery) on the dedicated product page.

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Detailed Review of the Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt

First, lets be clear on that this product is not! It is not a toning belt which works with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). If that is what you are after, then this article covering toning belts is the place to look.

The Bracoo waist trimmer is more of a support belt – it has some serious levels of insulation. This traps the heat as you exercise, warming your muscles. That heat gives you a more vigorous workout (and makes you sweat more too). This is a simple product, and the magic is really in the build and the materials used. These keep the pressure even around your midriff, and also make sure that you are comfortable while wearing it. The latex used for insulation effectively keeps the heat in.

What I like about this item is that Bracoo offer a 100% money back guarantee.

They stand behind their product (and its effectiveness) and are so sure it will work that they have an ‘any reason’ 30 day money back offer.

Combine this with the peace of mind – and you really can’t go wrong!

Feedback from Current Users of the Bracoo Waist Trimmer Belt

I was surprised in 2 ways by the feedback for this belt. Firstly, there are a lot of people that have reviewed it (which means even more buyers). Secondly, that the overall feedback averages 4.5 stars. This is very high for any piece of fitness equipment – and with something that people are naturally a little sceptical of, it is an excellent sign.

The quick summary of the feedback is that, a) It works, b) It is comfortable and c) It is excellent value.

Some people use it while doing work on machines like treadmills and ellipicals. Others report using it doing regular sports (for example playing badminton or even cycling). There are a lot of comments about sweating more, as well as trimming down.


The Bracoo waist trimmer belt supports your back and abs, and lets you heat up those muscle groups for a more intensive workout. This is a budget item, and even more so with the current discount. The manufacturer are so confident that they offer an ‘any reason’ 30 day money back guarantee. Judging by the feedback from previous buyers, you will not be needing this.

Check out the dedicated product page for the picture gallery and latest discount offer now!

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