Body Solid Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

Body Solid Leg Press Hack Squat

Summary: Smooth, heavy and effective – this machine from Body Solid is focused on the legs. You can use it as a regular leg press, perform hack squats and add-in other exercises for the calves etc. Feedback (based on the US Amazon) has been solid. With 4 inch thick padding and variable safety stops, this makes a great addition to any home or smaller commercial gym. This machine looks impressive in action, check out the gallery for yourself on this dedicated product page.


Detailed Review of the Body Solid Leg Press / Hack Squat Machine

You’ll receive a big, solid machine when you order the Body Solid Leg Press. This weighs in at 138kgs, which is more than 20 stone. Compared to many flimsy alternatives, this unit is robust! At the bottom is a cushioned back rest. Sloping upwards from this is the press. The weight stack is directly underneath – meaning no complex cabling / pulley system to set up. The overall dimensions are 221cm long by 96.5cm wide, and 153cm tall.

This press uses standard Olympic weights, which you will need to buy separately. I recommend that you check the ‘bought together’ section on the amazon page – this will give you the popular options. A maximum capacity of 1000lbs should be plenty enough for even the biggest of us!

Assembly is required for this machine. Nobody reported major issues with this, though a minimum of two people are needed for the job.

Safety / Comfort Features

4 inch back and shoulder pads are a significant feature. Compared to other equipment this is thick padding. Add to this the fact that the material used is double-stitched ‘DuraFirm’, and you’ll find this durable as well as comfortable. Another comfort / safety feature is the Diamond Plate foot platforms. These are designed to keep your feet firmly in place – so you can focus on your leg presses. There are 3 lockout positions for safety.

What Previous Buyers Said about the Body Solid Leg Press / Hack Squat

With only one piece of feedback from the UK, I hopped over to the US Amazon to get a feel of what previous buyers made of this machine.

Overall, the feedback is positive. Fitness fans are (correctly) reluctant to give 5-star ratings too freely, and the 4-star overall for the BodySolid Leg Press is high in this category.

Buyers seem very pleased with the machine once assembled. Words like ‘awesome’ and ‘excellent’ are repeated in several separate reviews. There were positive words about the ability to switch between different exercises. Swapping out the safety stops was an area for improvement, though not difficult, this was not as easy as it is with fully commercial alternatives.

The biggest positive of all came from the workout part. The ability to perform Hack Squats and presses without a spotter does save a lot of time and effort for many users.

Conclusion / Next Steps

Popular with users and a robust addition to anyone’s home gym – this machine will take all of the hassle out of leg day! Once assembled, the comfort and versatility of this machine will make it invaluable.

The Body-Solid Leg Press / Hack Squat machine is not aimed at beginners. If you are comfortable around gym equipment, and want to make leg workouts part of your regular routine – then I recommend you check this machine out.

See the impressive picture gallery and check the feedback from buyers (US feedback is below the UK comments), over on the dedicated product page now!

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