EMS Toning Belts: Alternatives to Slendertone

Abs Belts Alternatives to Slendertone

What Abs Belt Brands Compete with the Popular Slendertone – and are they Good Value?

Slendertone are the undoubted kings of Abs Belts. Their range of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) accessories is huge, and for me they have a technological edge.

The thing is, Slendertone abs belts are pricey compared to other brands.

This page takes a deep dive into the alternatives to Slendertone. After reviewing the leading competitors, I take on the big question… do they provide value, or are you simply paying for a cheap copy / less effective belt?

Here is what you will find on this page:

  • Table Summary: For readers in a hurry, the table below summarises the main alternatives.
  • Belt-By-Belt Details: 3 top competitors to Slendertone are assessed, with pros / cons
  • How Abs Belts Work: Who should buy one, and realistic assessment of results
  • Should You Buy Slendertone? This big question is thoroughly examined at the bottom of the page.

Table – The Popular Alternatives to Slendertone

If you have checked Amazon, or any online shop, you’ll see a lot of brands with different names selling what looks like the same belts. You’d be right if you think they are the same thing, with different colours and names!

Below are the real alternatives, brands which create unique abs belts, that have been around for many years.

Homefront slim pro, cheap alternative to slendertone

Homefront Slim Pro - Budget Alternative

Very popular choice, and at around 1/3rd of the price of a Slendertone belt, it won’t break the bank. Big plus is that no gel or replacement pads are needed.

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Ab Flex mid-priced abs belt

Ab Flex Toning Belt

Mid-priced model, and another best-seller. This model comes with a remote control (and a pocket to put it in). Positive feedback from users who are seeing results. This is the ‘missing link’ on price vs. results!

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Charminer butterfly abs belt

Charminer Abs / Thigh Belt

An example of the ‘butterfly’ style belts, which have many variations. This is a rock-bottom price and comes with thigh accessories as well as the main stomach pad. An interesting alternative for budget buyers.

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Ab Belt Alternatives to Slendertone: Detailed Overviews

You’ll find very detailed reviews of these belts here at Fitness Review. This includes sections on the results posted in feedback from previous buyers. I have linked out to those reviews. Below you will find an overview, including the pros and cons of each belt. This is designed to set your expectations of each belt – and how it compares to the industry leader.

#1 Homefront Slim Pro XI-1000 Abs Belt

Homefront abs beltThis is a traditional style, a flat belt which has a padded front and Velcro straps. It fits stomach sizes up to 28 inches. The controller is no separate on this model. This helps to keep the price at the current low level.

What makes the Homefront different to Slendertone is that gel is not needed, and there are no (often expensive) pad replacements to consider.

Instead, you use water. You place this within areas shown on the back of the belt, and also on your stomach. This not only means you’ll get a value belt to start with, it keeps the reoccurring expenses down too.

While this belt does not score highly for style, it does have very good feedback from buyers. Many people report getting solid results. I am sure that the 40 intensity level settings cover a wide range of users.

You can read my detailed review of the Homefront Slim Pro here – even better, check out the latest feedback from 1000’s of buyers for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

#2 Ab Flex Abs Toning Belt

Ab Flex Toning BeltMany of us (me included!) are wary of the ultra-budget abs belts. This is where Abs Flex come into it. This is cheaper than the equivalent Slendertone models, though more mid-range than the Chinese knockoffs with strange sounding brand names.

It certainly looks the part. From a practical perspective I like the pocket for the remote control too!

Again, no pad replacement is needed. There are 99 intensity levels, and on top of this you will find 10 ‘workout’ settings. Batteries are included. You will receive the latest medical use EMS technology ready to use right out of the box.

Note that Ab Flex have a money back guarantee with this which states, flatter abs – or your money back, guaranteed.

Judging from the feedback left by previous buyers, they do not need to refund too often. Multiple people are reporting positive results – and a lot are happy that they spend that little bit more for a quality brand, instead of a budget model.

You can read my detailed review of the Ab Flex Toning Belts here.

Even better, check the latest discount and read the buyer feedback for yourself over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

#3 Charminer Abs / Thigh Belt

Charminer butterfly abs beltInstead of wearing a bulky wrap-around belt, the Charminer toner sticks directly where it is needed – right on top of your abs. This is a popular example of a new generation of ‘butterfly’ ab belts, and I will say it has a certain style!

This is a budget belt, coming in at less than ¼ of the equivalent Slendertone model (as a rough estimate). The control panel looks a little science fiction for me. This sticks on each pad. There are fat burning, muscle growth and body shaping modes, along with different intensity levels for each.

In addition to the abs belt, you will get 2 smaller pads, which are designed to work your thighs. You’ll need to move them around. Each one comes with its own mini control panel.

Judging from the buyer feedback, this budget butterfly abs belt is starting to pick up in popularity.

Check out this amazon.co.uk product page for the gallery, which gives you close-ups of the pads in action and graphic overviews of how it works.

Alternatives to Slendertone - are they effective?

The Million-Dollar Question: Are Abs Toning Belts Effective?

Once again, I have a detailed article covering this topic. This goes into the science behind EMS and you can find it here.

As a summary, there need to be certain conditions in place to get the best use from these belts.

Here they are:

  • First, if you have too much fat on your waist, belts are less effective. To work, the small currents need to hit the muscles. If you have fat in the way, the effect will be dampened. We all have a little fat, though if you have a ‘spare tyre’ I recommend you get rid of the worst of it. You can then use your belt to get great results in that final mile!
  • Second, you need to be consistent. If you only use an abs belt a few times, then you won’t see the benefits. You need to use them over a number of weeks, and regularly. Make sure that you are committed before you buy.
  • Third, these are an addition to a healthy lifestyle, and not a cure for an unhealthy one. Make sure you are eating well (preferably with a calorific deficit) and exercising. You’ll get the most benefit from these belts if you use them as part of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

You Have Now Seen the Alternatives: How Do They Compare to Slendertone?

Slendertone Abs8 ReviewIf you want the latest tech, solid customer support and a range of belts / toners which is regarded as the best of the best – then it is impossible to ignore Slendertone.

The top of the Slendertone range is the Abs7. This is rechargeable, connects with apps and has EMS tech that the other brands simply can’t match. The feedback from buyers does bear out the claims that this is the best. If want the results and are prepared to pay a little more for top quality kit, then this is the abs belt for you.

You can read my detailed Abs 7 Review – or better still check out the spec and feedback for yourself on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

There are other models, with the Abs3 an interesting example. This is a regular wrap around belt, with a range of intensity levels and that unique Slendertone tech. This one is mid-priced. It comes in only a little above the budget ‘no brand’ models. Keep in mind that you’ll need replacement pads for it after prolonged use.

Again, you can read my review, or you can jump straight to the spec and buyer feedback on this page over at amazon.co.uk

Slendertone also produced models for different parts of your body. There are bottom toning shorts, and the arms and pecs can also be zapped with EMS.

Wrap Up: Slendertone or Budget Abs Belt?

My personal take is that sticking with the quality products is better value in the long-run. With these belts all at reasonable prices (compared with home gyms especially!), it will not break the bank for most of us to go for the real-deal.

That said, there are mid-priced models which will do the job. The Ab Flex belts are a perfect example, and with no replacement pads, there are long-term savings too.

I’ll summarise like this: If you can afford the extra money, go for the proven belts with the latest technology from Slendertone. If you are on a budget, or maybe just want to try out a belt before you commit, then there are cheaper alternatives which will work great.

You can see the range of belts from Slendertone all in one place on this amazon.co.uk page – check it out now!

Now, go get yourself that 6-pack!

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