Zero Gravity Trampoline Review

Zero Gravity Outdoor Trampoline

Summary: Every Zero Gravity trampoline is top quality. Not only are they tested and accredited, they have features which flimsy budget models miss. Sizes range from 6 feet to a huge 14 feet. All these outdoor trampolines come with weldless joints (a big extra, since the welds often give up first on other models). I also like the way that the safety net is next to the jumping surface, with the padded safety area outside.

Check out the positive feedback (there is lots of it, as this is the best-seller in the category), plus the list of safety features on this dedicated product page.

ZERO GRAVITY 6ft / 8ft / 10ft / 12ft / 14ft Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder (10ft)
All Zero Gravity Ultima 4 trampolines feature a state of the art safety enclosure… more

Detailed Review of the Zero Gravity Ultima Range of Outdoor Trampolines

You’ll get a big box which contains everything you need to get your trampoline up – and those kids bouncing within hours.

Your first decision is to pick a size. There are 6 to choose from. Most people go for the larger end, with the 12 foot and 14-foot models big enough for older children, and even adults, to enjoy.

Here are the sizes and maximum user weights for each model:

  • 6 foot (183cms), max user weight = 50kgs (7.8 stone)
  • 8 foot (243cms0, max user weight = 75kgs (11.8 stone)
  • 10 foot (305cms), max user weight = 100kgs (15.7 stone)
  • 12 foot (366cms), max user weight = 100kgs (15.7 stone)
  • 14 foot (427cms), max user weight = 100kgs (15.7 stone)

Each trampoline comes with a sturdy base, cushioned rim (20mm thick), ladder and safety net. The design is black, with a blue rim and yellow trim. It folds flat when not in use and for storage during the winter.

What Makes the Difference? Impressive Safety Features!

When it comes to the list of safety features, there really is no comparison with the flimsy budget models. These trampolines have been tested with 500kg user weight – no something I recommend for your garden! They have received EN71 certification and tested for 1 million cycles.

Having the net next to the jumping surface is a big plus. Most models have a rim first, making it possible to land badly. Here the net provides cushioning before hitting the padded rim. Check out the support struts for this net. Unlike on some outdoor trampoline models, these are curved outwards. The chances of a collision with them after a mistimed bounce is tiny compared to some products.

There are also extra legs on the support structure compared to other trampolines.

Quality Features of the Zero Gravity Trampoline Range

Some models are a real pain to take down. This can require taking the trampoline completely apart – only to have to repeat the setup next summer. Zero Gravity has a single click system instead. Check out the picture gallery on the Amazon page, and you’ll see the results.

Having no welds is also a quality feature. These are often the first place to go, especially with repeated pressure from bounce after bounce.

You also get a support line and detailed assembly instructions.

Feedback Zero Gravity TrampolineWhat Previous Buyers of the Zero Gravity Ultima Said?

It is rare to see a product with this much customer feedback having such a high overall rating.

The word which came up again and again is ‘quality’. Some buyers expressed their appreciation after needing to take cheaper versions back to the shop. The build quality is that much higher. Safety features also came in for praise. What shone through for me is the fact that the kids love these trampolines! The other side of this coin is that parents have peace of mind, thanks to the safety features.

Are Zero Gravity Ultima Trampolines Out of This World?

Safety, quality and customer support are rarely seen together these days. If the delighted customers of Zero Gravity are anything to go by – they have all 3.

What I like best about these trampolines is that they are only a fraction more expensive than the flimsy budget models.

Check out the full gallery, including the fold-down pics. You’ll be able to get a close-up of the safety features and get a better idea of which size to go for.

Click here to see the dedicated product page now!

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