ZAAP TX Vibration Plate Trainer Review

ZAAP TX Vibration Plate

Summary: This best-selling Vibration Plate from ZAAP-TX has a lot of fans. At the time of writing more than 600 of them have left feedback comments at and these are extremely positive. This Vibration Plate (or Wobble Machine as one previous buyer put it!) has a sturdy stand and 50 levels. ZAAP TX stress cellulite reduction in addition to the muscle tone benefits. This machine is quiet enough to use in a flat, though it is heavy. Check out the gallery and those glowing reviews from previous buyers on the dedicated product page at now!


Detailed Review of the ZAAP-TX 5000 Power Vibration Plate

The immediate difference you’ll spot compared to most home vibration plate trainers is the large control panel. While some have smaller screens, this machine has simple LCD displays and simple controls on top. If you have tried a floor-standing plate, then you’ll know how big a benefit this immediate control can be.

You have sturdy rounded safety bars, as well as clip on hand holds which can be used in different exercises. Vibration trainers need to be heavy, and this one is a solid 28kgs. The max recommended user weigh is a big 120kg, that is just under 19 stone in ‘real money’. There is a built in anti-static mechanism and a pulse monitor too.

As well as the 50 incremental speed settings, there are 3 work out programs built in.  ZAAP claim that 10 minutes on this machine can replace an hour in the gym. This will depend on which exercises you choose and how intense your workout is. Cellulite reduction is a complex area. Toning up your thighs and butt can only be a positive for this. I’d personally be sceptical that vibration training alone is a magic solution for cellulite (food / diet and lifestyle factors are also involved!).

There are plenty of videos on YouTube covering the different exercises you can do on this machine.

ZAAP TX 5000 Power Plate – What Previous Buyers Said

I always look for common themes in the buyer comments. The theme here is that this machine is very similar to what you’ll find in commercial gyms. As with many of the vibration trainers on sale, there is a ‘aha moment’ theme too. A lot of people buy these with hope plus a decent dose of scepticism. When the results (in terms of improved muscle tone) come quickly, glowing reviews soon follow!

One small negative is that some people struggled with the assembly. While this is common enough (anything needing assembly will get some negative comments at amazon!), I’d still recommend getting someone handy from your friends / family to help – it could save both time and frustration.

Overall the feedback is hugely positive for the ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Plate. With 600+ comments, any flaws would be ‘outed’ by now.

Conclusion + Next Step

If you have some space, then this popular model makes a great pick. For those with more limited space, I’d recommend a smaller unit like the DTX Fitness Vibration Plate.

With excellent feedback, the ZAAP TX-5000 unit can tone, build muscle and reduce cellulite in one go. Check out the full gallery and check that glowing feedback on the dedicated product page now!

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