Zaap Fitness X-Bike Review

Zaap X-Bike Review

Summary: The ZAAP Fitness Recumbent X-Bike has a welcome addition. Instead of just a saddle, you get a back rest. This is not a fully recumbent bike – with that type you are closer to the floor and peddling with your legs in front. The x-shaped frame allows you to fold your bike between sessions. When extended, it is stable enough for taller / heavier users. There is an electronic console that will keep track of your key stats including calories burned. A pulse rate meter is included.

For the lower price point, the feedback for the Zaap X-Bikes has been hugely positive. You can see those comments, plus the full picture gallery (including close-ups) over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

Popular Model:

ZAAP Fitness Folding X-Bike Recumbent Upright Exercise Bike (Black)
The ZAAP folding exercise bike is the perfect recumbent cycle for anybody with space constraints. Folding up simply and easily for storage when not in use, you can easily put this away in the closet(more…)

Detailed Review of the ZAAP Fitness Folding X-Bike Recumbent Model

Neon green trim on a jet-black frame gives this bike a lively look. It is a compact unit, especially when folded away. When upright the x-bikes are 119cms long by 53cms wide and 102cms high. It weighs in at just 17kgs. Enough weight to keep it stable, though easy enough to shift into place. Only minimal assembly is required… the ‘expert assembly’ is around half the price of the unit; this really is not needed for these simple folding bikes.

The seat makes these bikes different to the regular f bikes. This is a padded, wide saddle, which is way more comfortable than anything you will find on a spinner bike. There is also a back-rest. This is also padded. It means you can sit back while you pedal. It won’t reduce the effort you put in, though it will make things a lot more comfortable.

There are stabilising handlebars by the seat, plus regular ones at the front. The seat and backrest are adjustable – find your ideal riding position.

Electronics and Resistance Levels

X Bike Console View8 resistance levels mean you get the full range from pedalling on air to a tough ‘climb’ type of workout. This is changed using a dial – you can see this just below the console on the picture above. The flywheel is 1.5kgs, enough to keep the resistance smooth. The pedals have straps to keep your feet from slipping, however fast you ride.

Zaap Fitness have provided a simple console. This is easy to use, with no tricky connections to apps or complex sequences to remember. The default view is a ‘scan’. This moves you between speed, distance, time, calories burned and your pulse rate.

Sensors for your pulse are on the front handlebars. You hold your hand over them, which will automatically pick up your heart rate.

Feedback: What Owners of the ZAAP Fitness X-Bikes Said?

Easy to assemble are welcome words in the comments on any exercise bike. This is repeated (in different words) multiple times in the positive feedback comments. People did note that this is a basic machine – nothing like the spinner bikes you will find in a commercial gym. That said, almost everyone was happy that it worked well – giving you a decent workout at a lower price point.

The back rest attached to the saddle came in for some individual praise too.

Zaap Fitness have a solid reputation among many budget fitness products. That said, you should always check the latest feedback before you buy any home fitness equipment.

Wrapping Up: Is the ZAAP X-Bike with Recumbent Saddle Right for You?

If you are trying to decide between budget bikes, then that comfortable backrest could well swing the votes to the ZAAP x-Bike.

Unlike a regular recumbent bike, this unit folds away. It is stable enough when extended and won’t hog space between uses. At the price point, you get a quality bike. It does not have the bells and whistles of higher end products, though will do all the basics well.

The console shows everything from speed to calories. With 8 levels of resistance, you get as tough or easy a workout as you can manage.

Check out the positive feedback for the x-bikes – along with the full close-up picture gallery – over on this dedicated product page now!

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