York Excel 310 Rowing Machine Review

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Quick Update: This rower has gone ‘unavailable’ for the moment. Looks like some major line-up / range changes from York Fitness.

For a mid-priced alternative I’d suggest the Sportstech RSX400. This is around the same size, and comes with a lot of high-tech touches. You can connect it to popular group workout apps, and track your heart-rate via a monitor (which is included). See my detailed review of the Sportstech RSX400 here.

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Summary: From a very popular manufacturer, the York Fitness Excel 310 Foldable Rowing Machine has hit the right spot for many users. A versatile and solid magnetic resistance rower, with a lot of programs and resistance levels and a quiet action. Excellent feedback in the comments from current owners so far – with not a single 1 or 2-star rating. You can check the feedback for yourself and see pictures which include close-ups of the computer console on the amazon.co.uk product page.

Detailed Review of the York Excel 310 Foldable Rowing Machine

I love the design of this one, which is based around an oval body with a smart display sticking out from the top. The rail is aluminium, which is both lightweight and strong – plenty good enough to cover the 18 stone+ maximum user weight. The resistance is magnetic, as opposed to the air-resistance of the cheaper models. This ensures that your rowing will be quiet as well as smooth. The York 310 includes 16 resistance levels. Some comments suggest that the top levels may be tough even for experienced rowers!

Foldable design + wheels are a positive. If you have owned a rowing machine before you will know that these can take up a fair amount of space. This one pivots, allowing you to push it against a wall for easy storage.

The console is LCD and is bigger than those on many other rowing machines. You’ll get 24 preset programs to choose from – or can row manually if you prefer. You can track your strokes per minute, speed, distance, calories and time. There is a pulse monitor (optional wireless clip) and ‘recovery mode’ too.

York Fitness have a great reputation for customer service as well as for creating solid home fitness equipment. This machine comes with a 1-year warranty.

What Current Owners Say About the York 310 Rowing Machine

This home rowing machine gets some favourable comments, with the theme being that the extra features above the budget range are well worth the money. One reviewer claims to have tested at least a dozen rowing machines, and speaks of the 310 in glowing terms – even after using it 5 times a week!

Some assembly is required, and this will always generate some bad feedback (in all categories, not just fitness equipment). For this model, the assembly seems to have been easy. It arrives in one big box for the main unit, and a separate longer box for the aluminium rail.

Overall, the feedback is great – the kind of glowing references usually reserved for much higher priced items.


This is a nicely spec’d mid-range rower from a manufacturer which already has a solid reputation. You’ll get a good computer console, a lot of different resistance levels and a solid build centred on an aluminium rail.

Check out that user feedback and close up pictures for yourself now over on the amazon.co.uk product page

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