World Cup Fitness Guide

World Cup Fitness Guide

How to Stay Fit During the World Cup

Football’s biggest tournament is scheduled from June 15th and runs for a month. Millions of us will be tuning in. As England fans we always start with hope in our hearts… though the less said about recent results the better!

This page covers how to keep up your fit and healthy lifestyle when the World Cup is in full swing. Not all the ideas will be right for everyone. Feel free to pick and choose. The key idea is that those evenings in front of the TV with booze and snacks need not set you back in your fitness goals.

#1 – Extra Workouts Before the Event Starts

If you are reading this before kick-off, then now is the time to put in some extra work.

Add a couple of workouts to your timetable before things start. That way, when you wake up feeling unmotivated after days of watching the matches, you can do so guilt-free. That extra run, session on your elliptical trainer or even and extra leg-day in the weights gym could be just the ticket to see you through.

#2 – Stay Hydrated

I know that a drink during the matches is almost mandatory for many of us. I could add some advice about cutting down, avoiding the worst sugary booze, or pacing yourself here… Then again, the purpose of this page is not to kill your enjoyment entirely – we are all grown adults after all!

Instead, I recommend that you stay hydrated.

This means drinking water before and after the matches – and even some extra during the day. Alcohol has a knack of leaving you dehydrated. The worst effects can be reduced by taking care of your water levels.

Keep Fit World Cup

#3 – Prepare Healthy Snacks Before Key Matches

Snacks and football are a killer combination – literally in some cases. Before you go out and buy crisps, cakes and pizza – thing about some healthy alternatives.

You can make delicious healthy snacks very quickly. Think low-sugar and low saturated fat snacks and you’ll thank yourself afterwards.

These could include oat-based snacks, vegetable-base pizzas, carrot sticks with dips and many other options.

#4 – Keep the Booze and Snacks Out of Your Front Room

This is a small one, though over the month it should add up. If you have your entire setup laid out in the lounge, then you’ll be sitting for a long time. This has its own health implications. Simply getting up to grab a beer from the fridge will get your blood flowing – and you need not miss the action.

This tip also has the secondary benefit of making you conscious about how many beers (or snacks) you are fetching.

Balanced Diet

#5 – Exercise While You Watch

I’ll admit this is for the keener fitness fans. There are many ways you can burn calories while the games are on. An exercise bike is quiet enough to do the job. You can sit and pedal while you enjoy the action. There are even mini-pedal exercisers, so you can do this sitting on your sofa.

If you want to focus on the football, then why not promise yourself a half-time mini-workout. This does not need to be too intense. Squats, burpees or a 10-minute blast on a stepper will do the job.

Wrapping Up:

If you don’t want to climb the hill of regaining your fitness after the World Cup, then now is the time to consider your options.

Food and drink are easy to solve. Stay hydrated, don’t overdo the booze and buy (or make) healthy snacks before kick-off, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Exercise while you watch is not for everyone. If you can fit this in, then you’ll be way ahead of the crowd.

Most important of all, make a fitness schedule. Work out more before the tournament starts. Flag days with bad matches (or none at all) for intensive fitness sessions.

Enjoy the World Cup!

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