JLL Dumbbell Barbell Combo Set 20kg

JLL 20kg Barbell Dumbbell Combo

This value 20kg weigh set from JLL includes a barbell and two dumbbells. The innovation is a short linking bar, which joins two dumbbells together, creating a barbell. Switching between these setups is easy. JLL provide cast iron weights – none of that sand filled plastic or lumps of rubber here.

JLL are a British brand with a great reputation for both quality and after-sales service.

Check out the combinations available and get the latest price now – over on this dedicated 20kg Dumbbell / Barbell combo set page at the JLL store.

JLL 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell & Barbell Set 2021 4x 1.75kg and 4x 2.5kg weight plates, 4x spin-lock collars, steel connecting bar, hammer tone look, resilient and long lasting training
You get quality steel dumbbells, which link together with a joining bar to create a barbell – a solid British brand too…… more

Detailed Review of the JLL Combination Dumbbell / Barbell Set 20kgs

What caught my eye with this 20kg ‘barbell’ set, is that the barbell is made up of three pieces. Instead of a single barbell, you get a joining section, which links two dumbbells together.

It works just great.

As you can see from the picture below, they link together using the same screws that keep the weights in place. You get three chrome pieces, two dumbbells and one linking section. Alongside this are the 20kgs in black steel weights.

Spinlock Stoppers

Holding the weight in place is simple. This set comes with four spinlock widgets – and you just screw these on after the weights to hold them in place. There is a rubber washer to help keep them in place. Anyone with experience in these setups know you will need to keep tightening – it is just the nature of the beast.

Combo Weight Set

Combining the Dumbbells into a Barbell

You have two setups to create your barbell from this 20kg set. You can keep the weights at the end of each dumbbell and link them in the middle. That provides a setup that looks like a traditional barbell.

The other setup is to keep weights on both sides of both dumbbells. This gives an odd-looking setup, with extra weights in the middle. You get the full 20kgs available – so you can get the best from these free weights.

All the bars are chromed, with the weights painted black.

Feedback: What Buyers of These 20kg Weight Sets Said?

Good feedback for this product. Even those buyers that had some grumbles rated the set highly. Gripes included flaking pieces of chrome and some flakes of black paint. One buyer pointed out that this slows down after use.

Positives are the simplicity of setting up and changing weights. People did mention loose spinlocks, though noted that this is standard for weight sets. Quality was praised. I did not see anyone specifically mention the service from JLL for these weights. For other fitness equipment (JLL sell everything from bikes to rowing machines), their service is first-class.

Wrapping Up: Is the JLL Barbell / Dumbbell Set Right for You?

A decent weight set, at a decent price from an established British brand. JLL are known for quality. While there are cheaper weight sets, good luck getting any response from brands which you can’t even pronounce, let alone trust.

The system is different, though if you don’t have storage space, it works brilliantly. Switching between dumbbell and barbell takes seconds, with quality weights in both configs.

Check it out now over at the JLL official store at!


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