WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Natural

Summary: The WaterRower Natural is simply a stunning rowing machine with natural (ash) wood good looks and a high-end spec. It uses water resistance combined with state of the art technology. This rower is also compatible with the latest tracking and monitoring technology. This is in the upper price range for home fitness equipment. I have my eye on one of these myself, check you can see a full set of pictures and read the (very positive) user feedback on the product page at amazon.co.uk!



Detailed Review of the Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine

This rowing machine is more than just a pretty face!

While it is true that one of the water rowers best features is its looks, it must be said that this is still a very capable machine to boot.

The water rower was designed by a US team rower John Duke. The aim was to produce something that better replicated rowing on the water. The self-regulating resistance in this machine does just that. It uses water, which gives users a responsive and realistic stroke action. Resistance varies according to the ‘Rule of Cubes’ (doubling the speed will require an eight- fold increase in power); resistance is therefore infinite and infinitely variable.

This machine itself is hand crafted form solid ash and looks amazing, these things will look great no matter where you put them. They offer a safe upright position for storage, which is great for those of you with limited space.

The fact they use water means they are very low maintenance and require no external power source. All you need to do is change the water every 12 months.

Each Series IV monitor comes with a USB connection lead and have PC interface capability. There are several commercially available software products for the WaterRower, including:

  • We- Row, WaterRower’s Online Rowing Community
  • NetAthlon, a VR training and racing system
  • UltraCoach, an industry leading training software
  • RowYo, Cadence Training Software

WaterRower Natural – Feedback from Current Owners

The question I wanted answered looking through the comments was whether the water-resistance method really was that much smoother than the magnetic resistance used in most of the mid buy-in range rowing machines. I’ll say yes, based on the glowing responses from people who describe themselves as serious gym goers. One comment said that the owners last water-rower lasted 14 years – and that they were replacing it with this new water rower.

It should not be a surprise to anyone who has read comments for any type of fitness equipment before that most of the negative comments involved assembly. While I have some sympathy with people on this, it seems needing to turn a single screw would get a 1-star rating from some people.

This is a higher end machine, and I was pleased to see from the comments that most owners thought that the great looks, great quality and water-resistance were well worth it.

You can check the feedback for yourself and see some of the stunning pictures of this machine in use on the product page at amazon.co.uk


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