WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine Review

Best Water Resistance Rowing Machine - A1

Summary: Top end rowing machines use water-resistance and the WaterRower A1 allows you to enjoy the benefits without the £1000+ price tag of many rivals. This home rowing machine looks great too. Buyers so far have been delighted, as you’ll see from the customer feedback at amazon.co.uk

WaterRower A1 Studio Rowing Machine
Finished with Danish Oil, the track runs on a black aluminium mono-rail and the five button monitor means you can keep track of your workout…. (more…)

Detailed Review of the WaterRower A1 Rowing Machine

An expertly designed and well engineered rowing machine that delivers a natural rowing experience you can’t get with other machine.

The first thing you notice about the WaterRower is how good it looks with a sleek aluminium and ash wood finish. The frame is sturdy, the seat is comfortable and the uniquely designed monorail allows for a fluid stroke movement. If you’re obsessed over good rowing form then the WaterRower will feel great to use.

The WaterRower is lightweight, quiet, easy to assemble and can be easily folded away when not in use. Resistance is provided by a sealed water tank, unlike most rowings machines which use air to create artificial resistance. All these factors combined make the WaterRower easy to use right out the box.

Water Rower A1 Performance Monitor

Finally, continuing the trend of simplicity, the WaterRower is fitted with the user friendly A1 performance monitor which lets you track your speed, distances, stroke rate and workout intensity, as well as watt and calorie consumption.

The WaterRower is manufactured by Powerhouse Fitness who’ve spent 20 year developing a range of high quality rowing machine that require very little maintenance. The WaterRower doesn’t need oiling and the water only needs to be changed once every 12 months. While it lacks some of the hi-tech features found on other machines, the water tank makes it feel like you’re on the water and and makes this machine an ideal proposition for those people serious about becoming better rowers.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The water tank is singled out as one of the biggest positives and people have found it makes the WaterRower easier and quieter to use than air resistance models. For the style conscience the natural look has also been a big hit, people love to have it on display in their homes.

When you’re deciding whether to buy the WaterRower you need to decide what’s more important. If you’re looking for a real rowing experience that aids your technique and you prefer the feel of natural resistance, then the WaterRower is the perfect choice.

Check out the feedback / comments from previous buyers and (at the time of writing, the big amazon.co.uk discount on the amazon product page.

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